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Jennifer Rizzo

Stencil How To: Add Personal Touches to Gift Bags & Wrapping Paper

Make your presents mean a little bit more with personal touches you can’t get from a store! This tutorial is all about how to stencil gift bags and wrapping paper from the heart. I used canvas tote bags as my gift bags, but almost any material will do as long as it holds paint. That’s also the same with the wrapping paper in this post. You don’t have to use brown packing paper from the post office.

Graceful Gift Bags Doubles as Adorable Tote Bags

grace-antlers-jennifer-rizzo-christmas-stencilsStep 1: Measure and position Gift Tag 1 Stencil so it is in the middle of the tote. Adhere with painter’s tape and stencil with the Pearl Oyster. Let dry.

Step 2: This project requires creating a mask. This will allow you to have a layered effect. To begin, trace the Gift Tag 1 Stencil onto a white card stock and cutting it out. Place this over the already stenciled area. Next, lay the Antlers Stencil over the top and to the left of the gift tag. Stencil in Bright gold. It should look like the Antler is behind the gift tag. Clean the stencil and flip it over to do the second antler on the right with the same technique. Remove the mask. Let dry.

Step 3: With the Classic Letter Stencil, carefully stencil on a name of choice or saying. For proper positioning, always start with the middle letter and work out in both directions. Note: We recommend that you use a ruler and chalk to create guidelines for stenciling individual letters.

Step 4: Once dry, use a liner brush to line around the edge of the stenciled tag. Let dry.

Do you have multiple gift bags that you need to personalize? Here’s another design for you to try.


Step 1: Tape Gift Tag 3 Stencil into position.  Measure with a ruler and draw guidelines in chalk if you’d like to ensure it’s centered.

Step 2: Stencil the Bright Gold creme working from the outside in. This technique helps to prevent bleed under. Make sure to fill in the entire tag area and let dry.

Step 3: Put painters tape over the Holly berry stencil, leaving about a ½ in strip exposed. Place on the gold tag and stencil in Renaissance Red. Let dry.

Step 4: Next, using the Gift Tag 3 Stencil and Renaissance Red, stencil the small hole for the tag. Let dry.

Step 5: Using the Classic Letter Christmas Stencil and Renaissance Red, stencil a letter of your choice on the tag, Let dry.

Step 6: Glue a small bow onto where the tag hole is and let the glue completely dry.

Not going the gift bag route? Here are some ways to add a handmade touch to your wrapping paper!


Step 1: Unroll the wrapping paper and with low tack painter’s tape, secure the edges of the paper to a flat surface.

Step 2: With a ruler and chalk, measure out evenly spaced lines across the paper.

Step 3: Align the Standing Trees Stencil to the chalk lines. Stencil rows of trees in Lime Shine. Make sure the cremes have dried before you cover them.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1 – 3, this time using the Marching Stars Stencil in Renaissance Red.

You could also stencil gift tags over your stenciled or even non-stenciled wrapping paper! What other ways can you think of to personalize your gifts with stencils?

Christmas décor doesn’t have to come from a store… Maybe it can mean a little bit more. Want some more Christmas-themed DIY fun? Click here to see what others have done!

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