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Stencil DIY: 4 Ways to Turn Plain Towels into Christmas Cloth Napkins

Holiday dinners are more festive with decorative napkins! In this how to, I will show you how to stencil 4 different designs using my new Christmas Stencil Collection from Royal Design Studio. This collection of stencils is designed to mix and match, so have fun! Mix it up! The varieties of designs are endless!

For all towels: For each stenciled towel, tape it down with low tack painter’s tape. Make sure it is flat. This will prevent it from moving and messing up the pattern.

noel-garland-typography-stencils-diy-decorations-holidayStencil Design 1: To stencil the Noel pattern with the Holiday Garland Stencil (left), first stencil the Noel in Antique Gold in the center of the desired area. To only use the second part of the lettering stencil, tape off the first. Let dry. Then use the Holiday Garland Stencil. Keep the pattern in the same direction to make a garland circle. Do not flip the stencil to do the top and bottom. Let dry.

noel-typography-holiday-saying-christmas-diy-craft-stencilStencil Design 2: To stencil the two Noel patterns (middle left), section off the towel horizontally into thirds. In the middle stencil the Noel Lettering Stencil in Renaissance Red. Let dry.

DSC_2007Stencil Design 3: To stencil the Christmas tree pattern (middle right), use the Standing Trees Stencil across the bottom edge of the towel with Bright Gold. Repeat as necessary. Let Dry.

christmas-stars-decorations-diy-craft-holiday-stencilsStencil Design 4: To create a starry night pattern (right), section off the towel in thirds vertically. Stencil the Falling Stars Stencil at the bottom of the center fold in Lime Shine. Let dry.

What other ways would you combine these stencils to personalize your Christmas table?

Christmas décor doesn’t have to come from a store… Maybe it can mean a little bit more. Want some more Christmas-themed DIY fun? Click here to see what others have done!

Spread your Christmas cheer! Share your holiday stencil projects! Email us at projects@royaldesignstudio.com or tag us on Instagram with #royaldesignstudio.

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