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Melanie Royals

Stencil a Fabulous Feature Wall


Tackling your first wall stencil project can seem intimidating. Feature wall to the rescue! Cute Catharine and Derek from Your Modern Couple chose the Nova Trellis Wall Stencil for their dining room project. The narrow recessed wall now is beautifully accented with a versatile and modern “decorating friendly” trellis design in black and white. The walls were quite textured, which can be a bit more challenging, but totally doable with a wall stencil and some patience. Catharine used a foam pouncer from the craft store, but I highly recommend using a good quality stencil brush for textured walls if you can. Simply by loading and then offloading the brush well onto paper towels (see our How to Stencil Basics here) you can easily achieve having “just the right” amount of paint on the brush to allow you to both stencil your walls cleanly and quickly!

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