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How to Stencil Festive Christmas Pillow Cases


A stenciled Christmas throw pillow easily adds the holiday spirit to any living room or bedroom! This tutorial will show you how you can make three different styles of throw pillows using our Mix and Match Christmas Stencil Collection from Jennifer Rizzo and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.


A Peaceful Dove Pillow

_MG_2830Step 1: For a rectangular pillow, find the center and divide your pillow case into 3 sections using painter’s tape. Then, create a 1” stripe 3 ½ inches from the mid panel.

_MG_2760Step 2: Paint the middle section with Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint using a foam roller or a stencil brush.

_MG_2761Step 3: Using a 1”stencil brush paint the stripes with pure white chalk paint. Allow steps 2 and 3 to dry.

_MG_2763Step 4: When the red panel is dry, place the Peace Dove Stencil on the center of the pillow case and stencil the bird using Pure White stencil cream. Allow to dry. Use the dark green chalk paint blend and the light green chalk paint blend to stencil the branch details on the stencil.


_MG_2776Step 5: Use the painter’s tape to create a small border inside the blank mid panel. Stencil with Holly Berry Stencil using Emperor’s Silk for the berries and the two blends of Green Chalk Paint for the leaves. Use a 3/8” stencil brush for each color.


A Beautiful Ribbon Pillow

_MG_2831Step 1: Measure the width and length of your pillow and cut 2 pieces of ribbon accordingly. Plan your layout.

_MG_2794Step 2: Secure your Christmas Tag #3 Stencil in place with painter’s tape. Stencil with the dark green blend of chalk paint using a 1 ½” inch brush.

_MG_2796Step 3: While you wait for the chalk paint to dry, use a hot glue gun to paste the ribbon to the pillow case.

_MG_2799Step 4: Use what is left of the ribbon to create a bow and attach it to the pillow case, with hot glue. We also added a piece of holly to finish the bow.

_MG_2800Step 5: Replace the Christmas Tag stencil. Then stencil on top of it with the Holly Berry Christmas stencil. Use the light green blend of Chalk Paint for a subtle contrast.

_MG_2804Step 6: Use the Classic Letter Stencil and the Script Numbers Stencil to spell a short message. You can write the name of a loved one or write the date, like we did, with Pure White Chalk Paint.


 A Wonderful Noel Pillow

_MG_2826Step 1: Stencil “Noel” on the center of the pillow case using Emperor Silk Chalk Paint and Pure White Chalk Paint.

Step 2: Place the Holiday Garland stencil on one side of the type and stencil using both of the blended green Chalk Paint for the leaves and emperor’s silk for the berries.

Step 3: Allow the paint on your Holiday Garland stencil to dry or clean it before using it on the other side. Flip it over and place it on the opposite side of the type. Stencil with the same colors used before.

And there you have it! Three festively stenciled pillows that instantly transform any every day room into one bursting with the Holiday spirit!

_MG_2822Christmas décor doesn’t have to come from a store… Maybe it can mean a little bit more. Want some more Christmas-themed DIY fun? Click here to see what others have done!

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