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Revamp a Grandfather Clock with Stencils


I am willing to bet that you have made several trips to your attic lately to store your Christmas decorations. The same goes at our house! A few weeks ago when we were lugging our tree downstairs, I re-discovered this old Pier One decorative clock. I loved it for years, and then it got tucked away when another decorating plan emerged.

Since we are working on home entries during January at paintandpattern.com, I thought this tall, skinny piece would be a perfect “layering” element in front of the hollow core door art I created for my last post. We have an unusual entry, with lots of vertical lines like doors and windows that make decorating a challenge. Thus, art gallery style décor works perfectly for our entryway..

I know you might not have anything similar to my clock, but this stenciling process applies to almost anything – an old chest, a mirror frame or a cool wooden serving tray – for your foyer.


Stencil Supplies for Grandfather Clock Makeover | Royal Design Studio


Grandfather Clock Makeover with Stencils - Before | Royal Design Studio

Clean the piece well and let dry. Sand lightly if it has a shiny surface. Wipe clean. Shoot photos of your furry supervisor who arrives just in time to paint.


Furniture Painting with Chalk Paint® | Royal Design Studio

Paint one or two coats of Paris Grey. (Or, mix ½ cup Pure White with 1/3 cup Graphite to create a similar soft grey. Let dry.)

Paint the shelves Pure White to accent the pottery.


Grandfather Clock Makeover with Stencils | Small Polka Party Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Dip the brush into the paint and offload any excess. Stencil with Pure White, using a swirling motion. I found out very quickly that this imported piece was not exactly perfect, with plenty of out of square areas. So, I just adopted a hand painted, imperfect look. Some spots required minor adjustments for the polka dot pattern.


Layering-with-Chalk-Paint® for Grandfather Clock Makeover with Stencils | Small Polka Party Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Using a brush, paint the accent trim with stencil cremes. Hand paint, or tape off if you don’t have a steady hand. I used the Metallic Teal for some surfaces and the Patina Green for others. Theoretically the stencil crèmes are for stenciling, but I love to use them for painting as well. Their soft bling reflects the light beautifully.


Buffing with Soft Wax on Grandfather Clock Makeover with Stencils | Small Polka Party Stencil by Royal Design Studio


Put a bit of Clear Wax on a lint-free cloth and wipe over the surface. Remove any excess wax by using a clean cloth and turning it to a clean spot often.

Wake up your assistant when the project is finished to get approval of your work. Right. Fat chance. Lacey Jane is enjoying the fruits of two of my earlier projects on Paint + Pattern – the stenciled club chair and pillow.

Grandfather Clock Makeover | Small Polka Party Furniture Stencil by Royal Design Studio


So, what do you think of my layered artwork? I used this unusual piece to showcase my collection of teal and green pottery. I treasure some that are raku and some that are functional. All of my treasures are created by local artist friends, who are such talented potters.

Have you played with Chalk Paint® and Stencils lately? We want to see your creations! Email your projects to us at projects@royaldesignstudio.com or tag us on Instagram with #royaldesignstudio.

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