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Stencil Spotlight: The Versatile Nova Trellis Stencil


Today, we shine the Stencil Spotlight on a diamond-inspired trellis pattern that is a gem for stenciled feature walls and wallpaper looks alike. A little bit harlequin, a little bit geometric, and a little bit tribal, the Nova Trellis Stencil offers a LOT of versatility in a fast and easy stencil pattern. A design that is a breeze to stencil, the Nova Trellis could be the perfect pattern for your next weekend stencil project-large or small. But, the proof is in the painting. Read on for three great stencil project ideas, and tips for getting them done fast…


Instant Architecture!

Like many condos, this one features an open-space floor plan that was sorely lacking in architectural details. A very minimal recessed wall area was all that was defining this petite dining space between the kitchen and living areas. Enter the Nova Trellis stencil in a sharp-looking black on white color scheme to accent, delineate, and define the space with a fab Feature Wall Stencil Project  that accents the dining table and sets the stage for entertaining or intimate dinners for two.

A simple stenciled feature wall of this size could easily be done in a few hours. The open pattern of the Nova Trellis design allows you to cover a lot of area quickly. You can make quick work of this type of project when you use a larger 1 1/2″ Stencil Brush along with the creamy, opaque coverage you can get with our Stencil Creme Paint in Flat Black. Check out basic stencil instructions for using Stencil Cremes here.

PRO Stencil Tip! When stenciling a feature wall with a symmetrical pattern be sure to find the CENTER of the space vertically and begin your pattern along that line. That will allow your stencil design to finish in the same way at each side edge.


Roll on a Custom Wallpaper Effect

One of the biggest advantages of stenciling versus wallpaper is that with stencils YOU get to make all the design and color selections yourself, rather that choosing the best fit from limited manufacturer options. For this stenciled wallpaper look in a master bath project, Mandi, of the amazing Vintage Revivals blog, said she chose the Nova Trellis stencil pattern because, “I love it […] it is ethnic and modern and clean all rolled into one happy package!”

Mandi used a 3/8″ nap roller for the neutral, tone-on-tone stenciling here. The trick, as always, is to offload a LOT of excess paint from the roller onto paper towels each time you load it. This will prevent that dreaded paint seepage under the stencil, and is ESPECIALLY important when working over textured walls.

While many people assume that stenciling a bathroom will be a quick and easy project (it’s small, right?!), bathrooms can present some “special” challenges as you have to work around fixtures (like that toilet) and there will be lots of corners to contend with. A fairly open and simple pattern like the Nova Trellis Stencil will be an asset for bathroom stenciling because it will be fairly easy to work through corners and in awkward areas.

Pro Stencil Tip! When stenciling corners, remember that you can only press the stencil flat on one wall at a time. Leave the stencil hanging loose from the adjoining wall as you stencil into the corner, then shift the tape to fix the stencil to the adjoining wall and let it hang free from the previous one as you move through the corner.


Stencil it Sweetly for a Modern Nursery

With stenciling, the color choices are ALL yours!! Here, the graphic trellis pattern shows its softer side in a sweet white on blue color scheme. This feature wall stencil project was done by the talented designer Laurie March, from HGTV’s The House Counselor for a little boy’s nursery that can easily transition into the perfect bedroom for a young child.

Even if you are a renter, you can still adopt this stenciled feature wall idea by stenciling on something moveable or reusable and affixing it to the wall behind a crib or changing table. Use a thin piece of painted plywood, or even an inexpensive drop cloth, as seen in this Indian Paisley Wall Stencil project.

Are you inspired now to find the perfect space for a Nova Trellis Stencil Project??

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