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Hip Stencil Stylings from House of Rumours

This Stencil Star post features the creative stencil stylings of blogger Ruthie Trollinger of House of Rumours. Our series on Stencil Stars™ showcases our customer’s use of our mylar wall stencils and Modello™ custom adhesive stencils on walls, ceilings, floors, decorative art and more. We are so happy to be able show off our talented customers and inspire you with creative ideas for using stenciled pattern in your painting projects! 

House of Rumours is our newest Stencil Star! See more of her designer stencil projects that are all DIY! - Royal Design Studio Furniture and Wall Stencils

Ruthie TrollingerMEET STENCIL STAR RUTHIE TROLLINGER.  Ruthie Trollinger is the blogger behind the gorgeous House of Rumours. She is in love with every aspect of design and fearlessly tackles any surface and conquers any tool in her quest for beautiful patterns, colors and finishes. “I dream at night of my next project, whether it’s a new wall finish, painted piece of furniture or an entire room makeover,” she shares. Ruthie’s passion is painting and transforming furniture and she says her style is ‘Shabby Chic meetz Z Gallerie. I ABSOLUTELY love pattern, metallics & shine and therefore try to incorporate a little ‘bling’ in all that I do”. On House of Rumours, Ruthie shares her design projects and one-of-a-kind pieces she creates for herself and her clients.

Chez Sheik Moroccan Furniture Stencils for DIY Painted Furniture - Royal Design Studio

The Chez Sheik Moroccan Furniture Stencil adds a dose of color and fun pattern that softens the heaviness of a large wardrobe.

Stencil Crafts and DIY Gifts and Projects - Royal Design Studio

The Mughal Trellis Moroccan Stencil enhances a grouping of fun and funky decorative pieces such as canvas art, hanging décor and picture frames.

How do you determine which pattern will work for your project? 

I usually take into consideration the style of the piece of furniture or the style of the room. For example: If I’m shooting for a modern or contemporary style room or furniture piece, then I opt for a modern style stencil with squares, circles or anything geometric. When the room is eclectic or has a more traditional style, then I opt for Moroccan or trellis-style patterns.

Geometric and Modern Stenciled Furniture Makeover - Royal Design Studio

The small version of the Hollywood Squares Stencil looks rich and beautiful on a buffet table top.

Decorate your home by stenciling your hallway with bold modern patterns - Royal Design Studio

The striking geometric lines of the Contempo Trellis Wall Stencil anchor a gallery in this foyer hallway.

What would be your “dream” stencil project?

My dream stencil project would be to do my Craft Room floors! I would love to use a couple of washed out white, cream and grey colors. That way when my paint and stains spill to the floor its looks as if that was meant to be!

Paint bookcases or cabinets with Moroccan stencils from Royal Design Studio

Paint a bold and colorful cabinet with furniture stencils from Royal Design Studio

Stenciling the back of a bookcase is a sure way to add a gorgeous dose of pattern and color without overtaking the piece. Ruthie used the Chez Sheik Moroccan Wall Stencil and Small Hollywood Squares Stencil individually for these two projects.

What are your favorite surfaces to work on and design for?

I think furniture surfaces are my favorite. I’m always excited to get the paint on the piece, but once the stencil pattern goes on, it’s INSTANT GRATIFICATION and keeps me inspired to finish the piece! Sometimes it even helps me with additional color choices I may add to the piece.

DIY Painted Furniture Makeover - Stenciled Dresser Drawers - Royal Design Studio

The Florentine Grill Border Stencil was the perfect fit to add architectural interest to the fronts of these dresser drawers.

Stenciled Accent Wall with Arabesque Moroccan Wall Stencils and Metallic Paint - Royal Design Studio

The intricate flowing lines of the Arabesque Moroccan Stencil adds a touch of elegance to any space.


Have you enjoyed seeing Ruthie’s gorgeous stencil stylings? If so, let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to pin these ideas for your own projects! Ruthie has a beautiful knack for combining surfaces, color and pattern in a wildly chic way so be sure to visit Ruthie’s blog, House of Rumours, to keep up with her future projects!

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