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Debbie Hayes

How to Stencil a Rustic Patina Pattern on Bathroom Cabinets


I have mentioned in previous posts that we live in a 1970’s ranch home. Over the years we have worked on the interiors to open it up, and we love it here. But there’s nothing much we can do about the location of our powder room. It is right at the back door, next to the laundry room. Weird, but it works out perfect when we are out on the deck, cooking and entertaining.

Stenciled Ceiling | Indian Paisley Damask Stencil by Royal Design Studio

How about the powder room in your home? Is it a focal point? Even though ours is in an odd location, I have tried to keep it interesting and fun. In a prior Paint + Pattern post, I stenciled the copper leaf ceiling for some unexpected interest to coordinate with the custom rusty iron mirror and sconces. Though the cabinet is still ‘70s, I added new hardware, doors, paint and cool Herkimer diamond pulls.

Lately I have gone crazy for Modern Masters Metal Effects products, and the plain cabinet panels are perfect spots to add some pattern and just a little more crust to go with the rusty items above.


Modern Masters Metallic Effect Products


Applying Primer | Paint and Pattern

NOTE: This process is rather messy and the Primer is odoriferous. Make sure you protect all surfaces because the products can stain. Have adequate ventilation. This is not a good kid project in my opinion and perhaps the pets should not be in the room either. Follow all directions on the containers.

Remove the doors. Tape off the panels. Clean them if necessary and let dry.

Use a brush to paint on two coats of Primer, following directions. Clean the brush right away. Let dry overnight.

TIP: I know you are thinking that you can use regular primer. When using Metal Effects products, this primer is a necessary barrier, to prevent the products from going right through standard primers.


Paint Iron and Activate to Create Rust | Modern Masters Products

Paint two coats of Iron and let dry, according to directions. Activate the rust by spraying or painting on the Rust Activator. Wait five minutes and repeat. Let the rust happen. It may take a couple of hours or more.


Applying Custom Vinyl Stencil by Modello® Designs

Use the white plastic tool that arrives with your patterns, and burnish both sides of the Modellos.

On the side with the red stamp, peel back the heavy paper, making sure the entire pattern stays on the sticky paper. Since the panel and the design can be a tight fit, trim any paper left around the edges of the design.

Gently place the design on the panel, starting at the top. When you see that the fit is correct, gently smooth the design down with your hand, burnishing as you go. Burnish again.

Grab a corner of the paper and slowly pull the paper off, making sure that the pattern sticks on the cabinet panel. Since the Rust has not been sealed yet, some may come up. Burnish once more.


Adding Patina using Modern Masters Product on Custom Vinyl Stencil Pattern by Modello® Designs

Brush or roll on a coat of Copper. Let dry. Repeat. DO NOT LET DRY the second time around. Immediately spray or brush on the Green Patina Solution. Wait for five minutes and spray again. Let dry this time. Be patient for patina to emerge as it could take a few hours! Leave the Modello pattern on. Remove it with the pick tool when the patina has finished activating.

Rustic Patina Effect on Custom Stencil | Modello® Designs


Permacoat for Sealing the Rust | Modello® Designs

Coat the panels with PermaCoat after 24 hours. The rust requires a sealer, but the patina does not. So if you do a project without the rust, skip the Permacoat.

Custom Vinyl Stencil on Bathroom Door DIY | Modello® Designs

Install the doors. Now do a happy dance! Cool huh! Are you ready to try it? There are so many possibilities. Play, experiment and remember, no two projects will look alike!

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  1. Danielle

    Debbie, this is sooooo cool! I’ve never used the modellos or the rust but I want to try it. I have used the patina and love it! I’m pinning and going to try this. So fun! x

  2. Debbie Dion Hayes

    Thanks Danielle, they are all quite addictive – but healthy addictions LOL. Looking forward to your posts!

  3. Oh wow!!! Well I’ve used the rust effect on a picture frame, but, wow, this! The rust and the copper patina are beautiful. Never before thought of stenciling on top of rusted effects.

  4. Debbie Dion Hayes

    Deb, this was really fun, and I admit that I had no idea what I was delving in to. I had just had these new doors made and wondered if I was crazy to add rust. But glad I did. Your turn. Looking forward to seeing what your creative mind does.

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