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Amisha Desai

Stenciled Chevron Stripes Go Old School!

Painted & Stenciled Chevron Stripes transform a vintage metal school design into a Mid-Century marvel with the help of our Chevron Stripes Furniture Stencil. We recently featured the work of Ida from The Urban Cottage in this Airstream Trailer stencil transformation and now she’s back with another stencil project that is TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL!

Chevron Stripes Furniture Stencil refurbishes a Mid-Century Metal Table | Paint + Pattern

Good golly, I think this could have been one of MY desks from Jr. High School as I TOTALLY remember these and loved sliding my paper-bag wrapped and doodle-on textbooks into those types of shelves. I’m guessing that there might have been gum underneath this desk too (Ugh!)

More on this stencil project:

When painting over rusted metal, it’s best to sand lightly and clean well. Then-spray paint is your best friend. Ida used a flat spray paint from Krylon as her base and then flat latex paint for the Chevron stencil. For added protection, you topcoat painted furniture with a good water-base poly.

Ida sells her fabulous furniture makeovers throughout the Dallas, TX area and you can find more of her creations on The Urban Cottage blog.

Chevron Stripe patterns are SO trendy and yet so classic too! Besides furniture, consider stenciling our small-scale stencil on backsplashes, raised door panels, pillows, and storage boxes. Looking for a large Chevron Pattern Stencil for walls? We’ve got that covered too! Check out our Modern Chevron Wall Stencils in two sizes.

Find more furniture stencil inspiration on our inspiring Wall and Furniture Stencil Pinterest Boards.

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