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Stylishly Stenciled Floors

Stylishly Stenciled Floors | Royal Design Studio

Something’s afoot at Royal Design Studio! We’ve been oohing and ahhing lately over pretty stenciled and painted floors created with our stencil collections. Stenciling a floor is a versatile DIY project – it can be a temporary fix for drab concrete floors or linoleum flooring for instance, as well as be a permanent and incredible patterned floor project. We’ve gathered a few projects that have floored us lately and we hope they jumpstart creative stencil ideas for you!

Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil by Shannon Kaye | Royal Design Studio

Shannon Kaye of the DIY Network and the show “Fresh Coat” wanted to stencil a carpet on a hardwood floor.  Using our Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil, she painted and gilded the pattern onto her floor, giving it a completely upgraded look.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

Stenciled floor by Inspire me Heather | Sea Scrolls Stenci by Royal Design Studio

Stenciled floor by Inspire me Heather | Sea Scrolls Stenci by Royal Design Studio

Inspire Me Heather is a floor painting pro!  She paints her kitchen floor every few years and this year, she decided to add a fresh dose of pattern and interest with the Sea Scrolls Stencil from the Allover Modern Stencils Collection. Be sure to stop by her blog to see her painted and stenciled kitchen floor tutorial.

Stenciled Walls and Floor by Nancy Jones Spokane | Exotic East Allover vinyl stencil (EasAll124) by Modello Designs

Decorative Artist Nancy Jones of Artworks Spokane used an Exotic East Allover vinyl stencil (EasAll124) from our sister company, Modello® Designs, to stencil the shower walls and floor of her guest bath.  The design is also available as the Camel Bone Weave Moroccan Stencil from Royal Design Studio.

Sweet South Cottage Stenciled Porch Floor | Antoinette Damask Stencil by Wallternatives

Lisa Ard from Sweet South Cottage used our Antoinette Damask Stencil as a motif stencil to add a pretty touch to her indoor porch.  Such a pretty, vintage look!

Stenciled Floor | Skylar's Lace Floral Stencil by Royal Design Studio


Stenciled Floor | Skylar's Lace Floor Stencil by Royal Design Studio


Creative customers often share their stenciled studio or restaurant floors with us and one of the most popular patterns used is the Skylar’s Lace Floral Stencil. It looks incredible with any color combination! The painted and stenciled floor in blue is a share from Australia and the minty green stenciled floor project is from Elizabethan Desserts.

Stenciled Concrete Floor | Allover Flourish Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Concrete floors can be stenciled and painted as well! This serene and chic outdoor porch has added flourishes with the Large Allover Flourish Stencil in a two-tone neutral color combination.

Stenciled Concrete Floors | Braided Herringbone Stencil by Royal Design Studio

The Raven + Lily flagship store in Austin, Texas, looks beyond stunning with several incredible stencil projects. The stenciled concrete floor is one of the highlights, showcasing the earthy Braided Herringbone Stencil from the Raven + Lily Designer Stencil Collection.

Stenciled floors are a perennial hot design trend and you can easily add a little color and pattern on any floor, from concrete to hardwood.  Stenciling a floor can also help you hide imperfections, create a lovely focal point in your home or just add a dose of beauty to your space. There’s nothing wrong with being floored by your own floors, right?

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  1. I am an interior designer in Dallas and am researching the concept of painting designs on concrete floors. My particular installation will be in a high-rise office setting with lots of foot traffic. What specific types of paint have you seen being used for these applications? Is there a particular sealant to cover the entire floor pattern that you would recommend for finishing and protecting?


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