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Stenciling a Linoleum Floor in A Home Full of Color


lisboa-floor-coverMost people plan to save up for the installation of beautiful tile or wood when they buy a home with linoleum floors — but who wants to live with something passé while saving? So what do you do when you’re faced with an ugly outdated linoleum floor and your pocketbook won’t allow for a replacement? We have the answer! Painting and stenciling can be a terrific temporary or permanent fix for old and outdated floors-and it’s super cost-effective too! In fact, our friend Shavonda of A Home Full of Color took on that very project with glorious results. So glorious, in fact, that her floors will soon be featured in not one, but two, national magazines. Let’s take a sneak peek!


Shavonda was looking for a fix. “We had worked so hard to make the rest of the space pretty and the builder basic lino sheeting was a total buzz kill.  What I didn’t have was the thousands of dollars it was going to cost to completely redo the floors so I turned to DIY to help me give them a face lift.” She cleaned her floors thoroughly and followed with a great primer, which she feels is key for a durably painted floor.

After applying two coats of a beautiful mint paint color, she started stenciling with our Lisboa Tile Stencil in white as she wanted a more delicate pattern for the room to “soften” the kitchen. She rolled the paint through the stencil and since the stencils are flexible, she found it easy to bend and maneuver around obstacles and to get really close to all the edges of the room.  She recommends top coating with multiple coats of a water-based polyurethane to protect the work.  Be sure to visit both her posts, Painting a Linoleum Floor and DIY Painted and Stenciled Floor for full step-by-step stenciling instructions!


The results are so lovely! Do you want to know how easy stenciling can be? Shavonda was a complete stencil newbie and had never stenciled anything before! She says, “I knew Royal Design Studio wasn’t only going to be a good place for a quality stencil, but would also be a great place for how-tos and tips to help me get the project done right.” She’s right – we’re here to help and inspire!

Here’s a few more stencil ideas to floor you!

We all love to decorate our kitchens – we spend a lot of time in the heart of our homes and when throwing a get-together, it’s the most popular spot for most of our guests to mingle. We hope this post has inspired YOU to take your floors from eyesore to eye-catching in an economical way. We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments and see your project pictures!!

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