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Organize in Style with Chalkboard Wall Decals

Posted By Amisha Desai On November 11, 2014

Chalkboard Wall Decals by Wallternatives [1]

Chalkboards can certainly come in handy to organize your to-do lists if you and your family have busy schedules. However, the ones available at your local big box store can get pretty boring. So, to help you organize in style, we created fun shapes and sizes of Chalk Talk Chalkboard Wall Decals [1]. Let’s take a look at three fun ways to use our chalkboards for your diverse needs.

Color Code a Hectic Schedule

Color Code your Hectic Schedule with Horizontal Chalkboard Calendar Wall Decals by Wallternatives [2]

If you have a huge family with kids on a hectic schedule, you need to see the ‘big picture’ to create a game plan for the entire week. When Angel of Fleece Fun [3] saw our Horizontal Week Schedule Chalkboard Wall Decal [2], she knew it was just the right thing for her and her family. She placed it on a centrally located wall off of her kitchen so that everyone knew what was going on. Angel color coded her tasks for people and events to make it easily readable. Such a great idea!

“I love that this calendar is HUGE so every one can see whats going on and there’s no way you can miss it,” said Angel.

Encourage Kids to Manage Their Own Activities

Teach Time Management to Kids with Vertical Chalkboard Calendar Wall Decals by Wallternatives [4]

Gretchen of Three Little Monkeys Studio [5] used the vertical version of the Week Schedule Chalkboard Decal [4] to complete the look of her new backpack station [6]. With its easily readable layout, Gretchen encourages her kids to  schedule their own daily activities. What a cool way for them to learn time management!

“As you can see, the kids are crushing on it too. Reese couldn’t wait to jot down her sleepover with her best friend. Now we can easily see who has PE, Girl Scouts, cheer practice, and everything else at a glance,” said Gretchen.

Keep Your Family Updated

Keep Family Updated with Chalkboard Wall Decals by Wallternatives [7]

Inspite of having a planner, Melanie of It Happens in a Blink [8] had a hard time getting her daughter and husband to look at it everyday. She was tired of reminding them of things to do over and over. When she came across our To Do List Chalkboard Vinyl Wall Decal [7], she knew it was the perfect solution she was looking for. She placed it at such a location in the house that everyone could see the plans for the day as soon as they wake up.

“Easy to apply and remove with no sticky residue, ChalkTalk™ Chalkboard Decals feature a slight surface texture that makes them perfect surface for writing or drawing on it with chalk,” said Melanie.

Check out our entire Chalk Talk Chalkboard Collection [9] with over 24 gorgeous designs to choose from. You are sure to find something for every room of the house. Happy organizing in style!

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