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Regina Garay

Stylishly Stenciled Fabric Pillows!


Who can get enough of pillows? Colorful and patterned pillows have enough visual impact to transform a room! Instead of heading out to buy new ones, you can refresh your current ones by stenciling the fabric! Fabric stenciling techniques are the same basic stenciling techniques you use on walls and furniture, so that also makes it a SUPER easy DIY project. You can also easily stencil and paint pillows with neutral colored fabrics or, as the lovely Jennifer Hadfield from Tatertots & Jello chose, sew your own stenciled fabric pillows! Let’s take a look at her stylishly stenciled project!


Jennifer chose 100% cotton napkins as the material to stencil and sew into pillows. She decided to mix and match stencil patterns when creating her stenciled pillows by using the contemporary Chain Link Stencil from the Allover Modern Stencil Collection with the global chic of the Endless Circles Lattice Stencil from the Allover Moroccan Stencil Collection. Don’t they look phenomenal together? Mixing pretty blue paints with a fabric medium, she stenciled the patterns onto the cloth napkins. Then, she ironed the fabric to heat-set the paints for durability before finishing the project by sewing the napkins together.

One quick note: You can easily use the Royal Stencil Cremes Paints in your fave colors and skip the ironing step! Plus, they are made specifically to stencil so your stenciled pillow project will be that much easier!


So bright and cheerful! Jennifer shared her stenciled napkin pillows project to share her process — be sure to check it out! If you’d like more tips for stenciling on fabric, be sure not to miss our Fabric Stenciling Basics where we share lots of great information, including details on the fabrics that are best for stenciling.

Custom stenciled pillows offer an inexpensive way to customize and change your decor easily AND they make great gifts for loved ones! We hope we’ve inspired you to tackle this easy and wonderful stenciling project!

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