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The Art of Decorative Stenciling

Regina Garay, of the awesome Fauxology blog, posts daily about all things related to decorative art and inspiration. One of her regular features is “Fauxcus on the Pros“, and I am proud to now be included on that list with a two-part post that ran yesterday and today.


One of the questions that Regina posed to me related to how I got started in this business *cough* 20-something-something years ago. That led ME on a mind trip down memory lane.


One of the things I share there is what an influence the book, The Art of Decorative Stenciling by Adele Bishop and Cile Lord, had on igniting the interest passion that I have had for stencils for the better part of my life now.

This book by these two women literally put modern American stenciling on the map in 1976 (coinciding with the bicentennial), and their commercial work in the 60’s and early 70’s elevated stenciling to an artform that is rarely matched to this day.


As I spoke of in the Fauxology profile, it’s sad that their body of work occurred before the digital age and so little is known of them or can be found through normal online channels.


The book, however, remains-though out of print. I suggest you snatch one today on Amazon!


  1. It’s incredible how many women were pioneers (including Julia Morgan, whom I learned about through you) who are not as lauded as they should be. I’m glad they left books and notes behind to discover their work. Love that rose tinted screen, btw! P.S. It was a pleasure to feature you!

  2. Thanks Regina! In these days, you can basically do a whole lot of nothing and gain notoriety. Hmmm. Where are the next gen of great women going to come from?

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