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Glamorize your Glass Table Top with Verre Eglomise

Posted By Debbie Hayes On May 19, 2014

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Many of us have discovered that glass tabletops have the advantage of opening up a room that could be visually cluttered with a solid and opaque tabletop. But they can be a bit boring. How would you like to glam up your table with a fun, simple verre eglomise project using a one-time use stencil called a Modello decorative masking pattern?

Royal Design Studio offers Modello’s [1] as the perfect option for projects like my glass tabletop because, unlike a stencil, they stick to the surface, allowing perfect application of multiple layers of paint and other decorative finishes. They are available in multitudes of designs and in sizes that you determine by measuring your project area. How cool is that!

The most difficult decision for this project was choosing a design. As you can see in a previous Paint + Pattern post: Plain Bar Stools Go Glam [2], where I shared how my barstools got a fresh new look with a modern allover stencil pattern. These stools are lined right next to the kitchen table so I chose a larger scale Modello design from the Art Deco collection [1] to try and coordinate the designs. It features scrolls that complement the wrought iron scrollwork of the table base and chairs.

So are you ready to walk through some simple steps that will make your table look gorgeous!

Verre Eglomise DIY Supplies | Paint + Pattern [1]


(Before beginning your project, take a few minutes to click here [6] to read some details about installing your Modello.)

Finding the center for your Verre Eglomise project | Paint + Pattern [1]


For a centered design like mine, you need to find the center of the Modello. You can’t see through the “sandwich” of the Modello and backing paper, so an easy method is to tape it up on a glass door with the red stamped-side touching the door. Use a straight edge and make pencil marks through the center of the design. Find the center of the glass tabletop and mark it with tape. Poke the tip of the pick tool through your center mark of the Modello and touch the tip of the tool to the center mark you made on the tabletop. Lay the Modello down and tape it.

Applying size for your Verre Eglomise project | Paint + Pattern [1]

Gold leaf application for your Verre Eglomise project | Paint + Pattern [1]

Step 1:  Roll a thin coat of leaf size onto the open areas of the Modello. (If you have cut the extra paper surrounding the pattern, be sure not to roll past the design area.) Let dry about 15 minutes until it comes to tack.

Step 2: Grasp a square of the composition gold leaf and crumple it a bit in your fist. Dab it onto the surface, leaving some open areas.

Step 3: Compress the leaf with a crumpled piece of wax paper (the open areas will later be painted with Graphite Chalk Paint® to add depth). Now, continue with the imitation silver leaf on the peripheral design of the Modello until it is completely covered. Be sure to compress it with wax paper in a circular motion until no more leaf pops from the surface.

Rolling graphite and shellac on your Verre Eglomise project | Paint + Pattern [1]

Step 4: Roll on two coats of Graphite Chalk Paint® and let dry.

Step 5: Roll on two coats of Clear Shellac and let dry. This might take several hours.

Verre Eglomise DIY | Paint + Pattern [1]

Verre Eglomise DIY | Paint + Pattern [1]

Finally, remove the Modello sticker and flip the glass over. Surprise! You have a fabulous, expensive-looking glass tabletop! Since the leaf and paint layers are underneath the glass where the products cannot be scratched, no more protection is needed. Simply add a few felt dots between the table base and the glass top to prevent scratches.

We know you are going to be hooked on this verre eglomisé (glass gilded) technique! Here is another project for using a Modello and leaf on glass. [7]

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