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Royal Design Studio Wall Stencil Giveaway!

We LOVE to sponsor stencil giveaways on many cool design and DIY blogs. When the opportunity came up to participate in the Giveaway Day at one of the bestest blogs,  The Nesting Place, I thought it was the perfect time to host my own stencil giveaway on Design Amour as well!


Nesting Place Blog
Just in time for the Holidays – and the chance to pick a REALLY AWESOME stencil that could help pull all your holiday décor together or make a fabulous gift for someone special!

PRIZE: We are giving away a $75 Shopping Spree at Royal Design Studio along with free shipping to the continental U.S. That’s $75 to buy anything your heart desires on our website, including stencils, stencil cremes, and stencil supplies. We have hundreds of stencil patterns to choose from. Here are just a few ideas to whet your whistle….

tiger stripe wall stencil

Feeling like a tigress? Our new Tiger Stripe stencil offers you an elegant way to express your wild side.

roses floral wall stencil

Our Rockin’ Roses floral stencil is a little bit floral and a little bit rock and roll. Stencil it in bold, contrasting colors or metallics for a deco statement or in soft pastels for a romantic look.

large zebra stripe wall stencil

More modern African adventure awaits with our Zebra Stripe stencil. It makes an awesome addition to a feature wall and can easily be dressed up or down to suit your style.

tulip floral wall stencil

More soft romance awaits with our lovely Phoebe’s Tulip Vine floral stencil. This design is perfect for a vintage modern design scheme. Check out this blog post on Busily Spinning Momma for a peek at a lovely bathroom project with this beauty!

large floral damask wall stencil

Our Delicate Floral Damask is a classically inspired pattern done on a large scale for a modern feel. It’s perfect for bedrooms. Lovely, in dramatic black and white, it can take on multiple personalities depending on your color choices. And the great thing about using stencil patterns? The color choices are yours and yours alone!

How to enter you ask?

There are SIX different ways to enter!

1) Visit our Royal Design Studio website, take a look around and just simply leave a comment on our blog post here on your favorite stencil and/or products that you’d pick up during your shopping spree!

The rest involve Facebook, Twitter and/or your blog to give you a chance at additional comment entries!

2) Like us on our Facebook Fan page and leave a comment telling us you did;

3) Follow us on Twitter and leave a comment telling us you did;

If you are already a fan or follow us, do let us know as well.  We love our fans and followers so that counts!

This counts as three entries. Want three more ways to win? Yeah, I thought so!

4) Facebook about our giveaway, and leave a comment here, telling us you did;

5) Tweet about our giveaway, and leave a comment here, telling us you did;

6) Blog about our giveaway, and leave a comment here (and a link if you can!) telling us you did.

I hope it’s not too complicated – just make sure that for whatever you do, leave us a comment.  Do one or do all six — it’s your choice! We think it’s always a little more fun to spread the word and up the ante!  Let the entries begin!!!

We do want to thank The Nesting Place for helping host the Giveaway Day and offering us a chance to participate– She’s featuring all of her sponsors, so do be sure to go there for more giveaways. We’re so happy to be featured along with some very cool companies.  Thanks, Nester!

…and Thank You, Everyone!  You have until Midnight on Thursday, November 3rd, to get all your comments in. We choose a Winner via Random.org and their name will be announced by Saturday morning, November 5th.  We hope to see your entries and look forward to seeing who the fabulous Winner is!  Good Luck!


  1. I love the small Hollywood squares. Actually, I love them all! ~g

  2. There are so many, it’s hard to choose! I think I would pick the large Moroccan Arches. Beautiful!

  3. Love, Love, Love the Casablanca Trellis, Large Moroccan Arches and Grand Damask!!! So beautiful it’s hard to choose which one for my next project!!!

  4. I love the Casablanca Trellis stencil!

  5. I love the Cherry Blossoms stencil.

  6. I love several of the allover stencils … the scrollallover, the large and small mosaic allover, and the circling allover. So fun!

  7. Hi! I am a Facebook Fan – and – I am leaving a comment here to let you know that I really love the Skylar’s Lace stencil. You have so many wonderful ones but that is my favorite.

  8. love the Delicate Floral Damask!

  9. It’s so hard to decide which stencil I like best! For some reason, I’m leaning toward the Hollywood Squares. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I’m loving your tiger stripe stencil–always a sucker for animal prints–but I also like some of the more geometric offerings for one of my guest baths!

  11. I still like the allover casablanca but I admit that I really like that zebra stripe!

  12. I love the damask stencil. I have a foyer that really stumps me, and I’ve been thinking a stenciled “wallpaper” treatment is what I really need to bring it to life.

    Thanks again for the opportunity.

  13. I love the Casablanca Trellis!

  14. I’m now a Facebook fan!

  15. I love the Camel Bone Weave stencil!

  16. love the indian floral!!

  17. i follow you on twitter

  18. I love your work and dream of one day taking a class. I’m close, just up in North County. I’d pick up those stencil creams and the Delicate Floral Damask stencil, to decorate my employers offices. It would bring a sense of purpose for the large community health clinic I work for.
    I’ve followed your work for the last 3 years. I find it inspirational, and beautiful.

  19. The eastern lattice stencil would look great in my bedroom!

  20. I am looking forward to checking out all of your stencils..so many nice designs! I also think the Cherry Blossom Hoodie is cute:)

    cyclona66 at aol dot com

  21. i am a facebook fan(Crystal Marie)

  22. I love the Moroccan key stencil, thanks for the giveaway.

  23. I love the Large Hollywood Squares stencil.

  24. I follow on twitter. @SUPERMOM_Kelli

  25. Love the Hollywood Squares.

  26. I LOVE the rose stencils. Perfect for my bathroom. I want them for Christmas ( or maybe sooner!)

  27. I now follow you on Twitter @GoodessFoodie.

  28. Came over from the “nesters”. I love the Casabalanca Trellis stencil.

  29. Love the Rockin Roses Damask!

  30. yikes, i would have a terrible time deciding between all the fabulous damask prints, but i also love the rockin’ rose!

  31. I would love to spice up some of our areas with the Granada Border and the Allover Pattern Stencil: Interlacing Leaves

  32. the cherry blossoms are beautiful!

  33. loving floral medallion set B!

  34. I love the Endless Circles Lattice! I actually stenciled that similar pattern on a dresser using a $5 radiator cover from Home Depot. It was kind of splotchy, though… radiator covers are not meant to be stencils =)

  35. I love the Rockin Roses stencil

  36. How to choose? I’m loving the large nova trellis!

  37. always have loved your designs. Love the new french poem design.

  38. Wow — these are awesome stencils. I love the tiger, the roses, AND the damask. It would be very hard to choose…

  39. i shared ya on my facebook page! love the new zebra stencil!

  40. I would probably pick one of the trellis designs…there were several that caught my eye.

  41. Wow! What a blessing it would be to win a stencil!! I have been looking for a few months, following on facebook for inspiration for stencils to do my bathroom floor!! LOVE Royal Design Studio!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. I love the Chez Ali Large!

  43. So hard to choose, but I think I love the Damask Allover the best!

  44. I would buy the small star diamonds stencil and etching supplies–etch creme and a squeegee.

  45. Love the Marrakesh allover trellis!

  46. Liked you on FB!

  47. Facebooked about the giveaway!

  48. My fav stencils are Springtime in Paris and Casablanca Trellis

  49. Have always liked RDS on FB

  50. Tweet tweet following on Twitter

  51. Posted about giveaway on FB page

  52. Posted on my Twitter about giveaway

  53. I’ve been thinking about getting the trellis stencil for a while.

  54. I loooove your stencils! I’ve always been partial to the Moroccan ones, but that tiger stripe is really great…

  55. I’m already a facebook fan!

  56. I love the idea of stenciling on a pillow – I’m a bit chicken to stencil an entire wall! The Japanese Hydrangea, in particular, is lovely.

  57. I’ve had my eye on ribbon lattice for quite some time.

  58. I ‘liked’ you on facebook a whole day ago. But I don’t know why it took me so long because I check into your website quite often to dream about my walls.

  59. I’m now following you on Twitter: @allthingsjane

  60. Love the endless circle lattice & large endless moorish circles! I don’t know how to choose!

  61. I love all of the all over stencils, I think the damask one is the best!

  62. There are so many choices, it’s hard to pick. I really like the Acanthus Trellis, Ribbon Lattice, and the Fabric Damask. They are all so beautiful.

  63. Lots of great choices, but I like the Moroccan ones. And I hope I wasn’t suppose to pick my favorite one of that category b/c there were too many ones that I liked. I, also, liked you on Facebook.

  64. I’m in love with all of the stencils, but really like the Endless Circles Lattice!

  65. Love all your stencils…but Japanese Cherry blossoms is a favorite.

  66. Small Hollywood, Large Maroccan and the Tiger and Zebra stripe!!

  67. I love the large moorish circles. It would be perfect for the entry in our new house.

  68. I follow Royal Design Studio of facebook.

  69. Really love the Suzani allover!

  70. I love the Moorish Trellis stencil!

  71. I’m following you on Twitter (@buenosaires05)

  72. just checked out the website again. Amazing things on it as always. Can’t wait to win! Of course I’m already doing the Twitter and FB thing.

  73. I love so many its hard to decide! I’m leaning towards the casablanca trellis!

  74. I adore the Rockin’ Roses stencil and ANYTHING damask.

  75. I’m a new follower on Twitter.

  76. Tweeted the giveaway. @SuzyCucumber

  77. Tough choices, but I lean towards the damasks … how would I decide between them?!

  78. I am loving the Tiger stripes. I am currently working on my Moroccan themed guest room and there is A LOT of strong and bold colors with a great Royal Design studio stencil. The subtle tiger stripes would look amazing in my other guest bedroom; I need something very light with light colors and with light colors come a subtle pattern.

  79. I adore your stencils! It would be a hard decision but I love the floral damask…it would look great in my bedroom!

  80. I love ALLL of them. I am doing an entire house redo and would love the Lisboa Tile allover for my Laundry room.

  81. Love the stencil cremes on any of your stencils.

  82. I liked you on Facebook!

  83. I “Liked” you on FB!

  84. So many to choose from! I do love the Akita Allover and Vase & Pearls.

  85. I have been following on Twitter and Facebook as well.

  86. I LOVE the large deco damask! Beautiful!

  87. I shared the giveaway on my Facebook page.

  88. rebecca abercrombie

    I liked you on Facebook!

  89. rebecca abercrombie

    I am crazy about the marrakesh and tiger strip stencils!

  90. I really like the Folk Flower all over pattern stencil. I think it would be great for my bathroom.

  91. i like you on facebook

  92. Oh boy, how to choose? I really like the hollywood squares stencil, but I reserve the right to change my mind!

  93. I love the french script, I took French in high school (a million years ago!) & have always loved the French language,sooooo that’s what I want. And I liked you on Facebook along time ago. You are a genius (I am not sucking up!) & my hero! Keep inspiring us!

  94. Loving the Rockin’ Roses!

  95. I left everyone on Facebook a message to enter! Free is fun!

  96. I love the endless circle design!

  97. I love the damask!

  98. I liked you on FB!

  99. The site doesn’t want to pull up on my iPad, but I have been in love with all the damask patterns on the site FOREVER!

  100. Love the tiger stripe or the damask print!

  101. First I followed you on twitter.

  102. Then I tweeted about how your blog always inspires me… brain about to explode.

  103. love the maracech allover trellis for my hallway

  104. I love all the damask patterns, but the Tiger stripe is really tempting, esp. in the light colors you have as the example here.

  105. sprint time in paris

  106. Facebooked the giveaway

  107. i liked you on facebook

  108. i liked you on face book

  109. I NEED the Casablanca Trellis stencil!

  110. Royal Design Studio has so many great thigns how do you pick just one.

  111. I’d have to say the ribbon lattice…I love all the lattices, but that one I have in mind for a project or two already….

  112. I have been dreaming of your Springtime in Paris stencil ever since I saw Miss Mustard Seed put it on a dresser!!! It is so beautiful! I can think of a million uses for it!! No doubt I would grab that one!! I have liked you on facebook, but unfortunately I don’t tweet.

  113. I have fanned you on FB…

  114. There are so many i like it’s hard to choose! I love the Tiger Stripes, the Moorish Trellis Large and the Folk Flower.

  115. I ‘liked’ you on Facebook 🙂

  116. I shared the giveaway on Facebook

  117. My faves are the Med. Florentine Grill and the Fez Blanket…and a few more! It’s so hard to choose just one!

  118. Hard choice to make but I like the Large Nova trellis.

  119. I liked you on facebook.

  120. Melaine as you know I have been a fan of yours for a long time and have used many of your designs. I love the fact that you always stay current on stencil designs and it helps us to show clients how they can incorperate design into their decor. I love all your designs.

  121. Wow! What an amazing giveaway! So many gorgeous choices!
    My two favorites are the Casablanca Trellis and the Allover Moroccan Arches Small. So many possibilities!

  122. I love the “Floral Medallion Set A”

  123. I follow you on Twitter. I am @purplelarkspur

  124. Cherry blossoms!!!! um….. for a start…..so many wonderful things!

  125. I like the floral damask stencil! Way better than wall paper!

  126. So hard to choose but I can totally see the Large Endless Moorish Circles in my bathroom!

  127. I love the all over damask – so pretty – looking for something for our new baby girl’s room! Thanks for hosting!

  128. I really love them all, especially the endless Moorish circles and oriental brushstroke. I already like you on Facebook

  129. I love the springtime in Paris stencil…so gorgeous!

  130. I love the Casablanca trellis. Perfect for my dining room!

  131. I’d get the Lisboa tile for above the chair rail in my bedroom.

  132. I liked you on FB! 🙂

  133. I love the moorish trellis! Dark Brown & White for my master bedroom.

  134. I have been in love with the large chez Sheik Allover stencil for a while now. It is what I want to put behind my bed in my bedroom makeover!
    Thanks for the chance to win it!

  135. i’m in love with rockin’ roses!

  136. Love the interlacing leaves

  137. I like the lisboa tile

  138. I liked you on facebook and now like the rockin roses too

  139. I would start in the supplies section, so many things I would like to have there, then a beautiful stencil to do my back patio concrete floors!

  140. love the yellow border stencil . . . and the lattice designs! beautiful!

  141. Love,love the Damask!
    These are so beautiful. Glad to have found you.

  142. Liked you on Facebook.

  143. sooo hard to narrow, but I’m kind of crazy about ~Large Linked In~ and ~Rockin Roses~ … a giant damask could be fabulous in surprising colors as well! Thanks for the fun giveaway…

  144. TOO MANY TO LOVE!!! how could I pick just one!

  145. Acanthus Trellis Allover and Bamboo Trellis

  146. “Liked” you on facebook… to bad there isn’t a “Love” button instead 🙂

  147. It is so difficult to choose…I like the Moroccan arches, but I also lean toward some of the florals!!

  148. I’m also a FB fan

  149. The Royal Stencil Cremes look awesome! And I love the Curly Q.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  150. Love the Ribbon Lattice! Thanks!

  151. I’ve been dying for Skylar’s Lace for months now, but just cannot afford it right now. I’d kill for it!

  152. I like the Cherry Blossoms, the French Springtime poem, and the Paris postage stamps.

  153. I like Royal Design Studio on Facebook.

  154. Absolutely LOVE your fabulous stencils! There are so many beautiful ones to choose from! My favorite would have to be…donatella damask…or the large chez sheik allover! obsessed!

  155. Love so many. I’d probably choose a Typography stencil.

  156. I liked you on facebook!! Want to shout it from the rooftops!

  157. Following you on twitter! Tweet tweet..


  158. Just tweeted about this fabulous giveaway!


  159. I love the baby ferns stencil!

  160. These are just genius…i love the casablanca trellis. Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  161. liked you on FB

  162. I need the Lisboa Tile and Casablanca Trellis. So pretty.

  163. Love the endless circles 🙂

  164. I am in LOVE with your floral pattern, “Large Allover Brocade.” Wow. Wow. Wow. Thanks for doing such a great giveaway!!

  165. Follow you on Twitter! 🙂

  166. “Like” you on Facebook!

  167. I’ve been wanting to redo my daughter’s room now that she’s turning 4 and ready for a big girl room , rather than a room that still looks like the nursery. We went to Paris this summer, and she now loves the Eiffel tower, so I’d say my favorites are the Paris Postage stamp, and the Springtime in Paris set.

  168. I like the folk flower!

  169. I liked you on Facebook!

  170. Love the floral damask!

  171. I loved how Silk Road Suzani was traditional with a modern edge.

  172. folk flower allover.

  173. Hard to pick! I like pretty much everything in the Morroccan group though. Thanks!

  174. I love the floral designs: flourish-small stencil. I’ve been wanting to stencil my powder room to give it a new look. This give-away is perfect. Thanks!

  175. Moorish trellis for me!

  176. Oh my word, I love all the options. I would love to be wild and do the tiger stipe…maybe one day. But the large nova trellis is gorgeous too.


  177. I liked you on facebook.


  178. My favorite today is Small Hollywood Squares, but I have so many favorites!

  179. I like Royal Design Studio Stencils/Modello Designs on Facebook

  180. I follow @designamour on Twitter

  181. I tweeted this giveaway on Twitter

  182. I shared this giveaway on Facebook

  183. All of the stencils are really beautiful, but Chez Sheik is definitely one of my favorites!

  184. Now following on Twitter! Thanks for the chance to win!

  185. Just tweeted about the giveway!

  186. I love the Endless Circle Lattice stencil!

  187. I reposted your give away link on fb. :]

  188. I love love love the idea of stenciling an accent wall. I can’t decide, but I know I’d pick one of the floral designs on a robins egg blue background!

  189. The tiger stripes are awesome!

  190. Love the stencils! I would choose large fabric damask or large eastern lattice. So many choices

  191. I followed you on twitter

  192. I retweeted your giveaway link

  193. I love so many of them…. Maybe I would go with the large deco fabric damsk??

  194. love the floral damask or the casablance trellis, I love a lot of them.

  195. Love the Rockin Roses floral stencil 🙂

  196. Love the springtime in Paris and Moorish circle stencils!

  197. I love those tiger stripes! Although the floral damask is a close second.

  198. Liked on facebook.

  199. oh- I went to the website thinking I would find one that I loved more than the roses pattern that you featured here, but I fell hard- that is BEAUTIFUL!!! I would love a stensil for my bedroom! Thank you for the give away!

  200. Ooooh, so many wonderful stencils! I love the damask designs, and the cherry blossom is so delicate and pretty. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  201. I love the Indian Floral stencil! Dying to try one of these stencils!

  202. I already ‘like’ you on Facebook 🙂

  203. Love your large Eastern Lattice!

  204. my daughter would LOVE the zebra stripe stencil!

  205. http://www.royaldesignstudio.com/shop_stencils_detail.php?id=458

    the Victorian wrought iron stencil i love it.


  206. like you on fb
    Teh Doll

  207. follow you on twitter
    Sha t

  208. I like them all but the Donatella Damask really caught my eye!

  209. i know some girls in my house that would love that tiger stripe…so cute!

  210. did leave a message on my very teeny tiny blog! it’s still a baby.

  211. love the damask stencil. In fact, it’s inspiring all kinds of ideas for a remake of my guest room. Love it!

  212. I really liked the Casablanca Trellis and the Folk flower all over…I have never seen stencils this modern…they’re great!

  213. It’s so hard to choose one, but I keep coming back to your Delicate Floral Damask. I have just the wall for it and would love to win!

  214. I’m in love with the Stencil that “Young House Love” used 😉

  215. Endless Circles Lattice, would probably be my choice, so hard to pick! love them all!

  216. My favorite Royal Design Studio stencil is the Allover Pattern Stencils: Circling Allover. I think it would be fun in a teen girl’s room.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  217. I LOVEEEEE the tiger stripes. And also the stencil John and Sherry from Young House Love just used in their office.
    The Nester sent me!

  218. Wow! Too many of these to like just one! But any Damask, animal print and Paisley would do! Great selection!

    *crossing my fingers*

  219. The Tigress is AWESOME. I wonder if my hubby would let me put it in our bedroom?? 🙂

  220. It is hard to pick one favorite. They are all so neat! I think the rockin’ roses would look great in my dining room.

  221. i love the rockin roses stencil! i have been wanting to take on a project like this and would love to win your prize!

    i also like you on facebook.

  222. I love the Large Deco Damask!

  223. It’s almost impossible to pick ONE favorite…but I’m loving the sophistication of the tiger stripes! Thanks for the chance!

  224. Love the large Eastern lattice! Thanks!

  225. I like the folk flower. But all the designs are gorgeous!

  226. Your stencils are the best in the business; your patterns are fabulous! Who wouldn’t want any of your damask patterns? Or the Uzbec Suzani? The All-over Large Circles? I’m loving the circles for my flat, hollow-core doors! Perfect!

  227. I love the look of these! Would love to have one for my new dining room. Oh! and my new bedroom,…

  228. Love all of them, especially the damask.

  229. So hard to chose, but I love the large feathered damask.

  230. dawn Moschell-Gibson

    Jeeze…Love them all! It would be easier to name one I didn’t like. Have been a fan for a looooong time on evrything!

  231. I looove the floral damask. There are others too. They’re all great. I would love to stencil my foyer… and blog about it.

  232. I really like the Rockin’ Roses Damask! I would love to use it on the backs of a built-in bookcase. Thanks for the chance!

  233. My favorite is the Lisboa allover stencil, but there are so many great ones to choose from!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  234. I “like” the RDS facebook page.

  235. Shared the giveaway on FB as well. Thanks!

  236. Looked for awhile and finally settled on Casablanca! hard choice!

  237. I follow on twitter!

  238. I love them all, I think I wouls hav eto go with damask. I would love to make a floor covering with it!

  239. Must say I have been a fan for sometime now and oh how difficult it is to pick a favorite but here it goes…my poor delicate floral damask stencil has been used so many times in so many different ways that I think it is ready for the stencil graveyard so to have a new one would be pure happiness!

    And my second favorite right now would be the Portugal tile stencil. I have amazing plans for this beauty and would love to us it on this Spanish style house that I have been commissioned to work on!!!

    • Working in a Spanish style house sounds super fun! That is one of my favorite design styles. We have a lot of beautiful Spanish/Hacienda style homes in San Diego, but alas, I don’t live in one!

  240. Amo todos los diseños,en especial damasco, trabajo desde mi país Costa Rica con muchos de ellos y son un éxito!!!!

  241. oh wow! what an awesome shop! I like the eastern lattice and several of the damasks.

  242. I love the florentine grille pattern! Classic!

  243. I’d probably go with Lisboa Tile Allover… But seriously, how to choose?? So many great ones!

  244. I like y’all on Facebook!

  245. I left a comment on Facebook!

  246. I can only sit here, at the tip of Africa, and dream of Casablanca and Springtime in Paris. My bedroom and bathroom in my little shoestring cottage are sorely in need of a makeover. I am thinking teal and white … and, maybe, a splash of red even.

  247. I’ve been wanting to try a stencil on an accent wall in our living room and also our bedroom. My favorites are the Casablanca Trellis, Endless Circles, and the Fabric Damask, but I love most of the designs.

  248. I really like the large Nova Trellis, it will be great for our new guest room.

  249. I love the Casablanca Trellis and the Ribbon Lattice!

  250. I also “Like” you on Facebook and I’m now following you on Twitter!

  251. Kimono is my absolute FAVE. But here in the South, traditional is king. Watch close for my next blog, it features the fabric damask!!!

  252. I love all the trellis stencils!

  253. If I won it would be so hard to choose which one I like best, they are all wonderful, but I am willing to take on the challenge of choosing!

  254. Love the Tiger stripe and the fabric damask. To think I could actually do something that cool, I am inspired!

  255. skylar’s lace and floral lattice are my favorites 🙂

  256. Large Chez allover stencil would make a great accent wall!!

  257. I liked you on FB also!!

  258. I love all you patterns. I actually did a blog post a little while ago that featured your stencils. http://susiegoldstein.com/scottsdale-and-phoenix-interior-designer-loves-fresh-stencil-designs-for-your-home/ Every time I view your stencil catalog something different catches my eye. Today it’s between the Rockin’Rose and the Moorish Trellis.

  259. Also share the giveaway on my facebook wall!

  260. I love the damask stencil! Would love to win.

  261. Retweeted too! I hope others enjoy this giveaway too!

  262. I love the casablanca trellis!

  263. I like so many of them! Also, I am a facebook fan of your page!

  264. I love the Hearst Castle Collection: Casablanca Trellis and the Large Endless Moorish Circles, so great!

  265. I also like Designamour on Facebook.

  266. I like the cherry blossom stensil!

  267. Love Arabesque Allover! And I have the perfect wall for it!

  268. So hard to pick a favorite! I love them all. . Linked In, any trellis pattern, any damask pattern. I’ll have a very hard time picking if I win! 🙂

  269. Love the Damasks and Trellis stencils. Hard to choose a favorite 🙂

  270. Love the rockin’roses – can just see it in my daughter’s room! thanks!

  271. large Eastern Lattice…LoVe!

  272. liked you on FB!

  273. Large Japanese Hydrangeas stencil and your cherry blossom t-shirt (love pretty tees!) Thanks for this fun opportunity.

  274. Sheer craziness to be able to choose just one! I am loving the simple and pretty Casablanca Trellis. Thanks you for the give away!

  275. Love the arabesque allover stencil. I am painting our living room floor and this would be the perfect touch.

  276. love the trellis design. I have been wanting to try this.

  277. I would get some metallic foils

  278. I am so excited for this giveaway. I have been itching to get a stencil for some time. I am having a hard time choosing, but am leaning towards Marrakesh allover trellis!!

  279. I love the Damask stencils! However; I love the whole store and everything in it!

  280. I love the Casablanca Trellis stencil.

  281. I love the damask for my small bathroom. Thanks

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  333. Hi my fav Moroccan wife…
    I love the Nova Trellis stencil that you just blogged about… Love the pattern.

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