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Wall Stencils Inspired by Amsterdam


Inspiration for using wall stencils can be found in all the obvious places: magazine clippings, damask patterns on wallpaper, designs on gift wrap, and pins on Pinterest. For Melissa Mortenson of the Polka Dot Chair blog, the elusive question of what to do with her dining room walls was waiting for her in Amsterdam!


On a visit to the Rijks Museum there, both Melissa and her husband were enchanted by the large damask design that been stenciled on the walls in grey and silver. They both immediately thought this color scheme and pattern treatment would be the ideal alternative to their current “dining room red” walls. Our Corsini Damask wall stencil had the design flavor they were looking for. After using a foam roller to stencil a damask wallpaper pattern using metallic paint-Melissa now has a wall that is a true work of art!

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