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A Bit Bookish: Design Books

Ask me what my prized possession and major obsession is. Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s my paint, decorating, and design book collection. I’m a fiend. A hound. An addict. I get my fix on Amazon and that pusher is open 24/7. Do I want to kick this habit? No! Give me more in massive doses. It got a little hairy for a few weeks when my books were all boxed up during the move. I was having major withdrawals for a lack of aimless design book browsing and design brain tingling. Well, I got my fix and my babies are back!


They took awhile to organize due to the desire to revisit each one and sidetrack myself yet again.


But I finally made some sense of the assortment and built high stacks.


Ready for their new home and easy access to my wandering eye and aching need.


  1. What a great library! I can relate to the book addiction. I often feel I should have my clients just make the check out to Amazon.com instead of me. That floor is absolutely gorgeous. I love seeing how the new studio is progressing.

  2. Can I be a mouse in that house? I’m droolling over your collection. I know what you mean about keeping out of them when you’re organizing. I’m like lost in love when I’m in my books.

  3. Melanie, I am green with envy!
    I thought I had a serious addiction that warranted an intervention and a 12 step program until I saw your collection. Thanks for letting me feel less guilty about my love affair with Amazon!

  4. Looks like this problem is an epidemic!

  5. What I love most about you is that you’re a living example of doing what you love and the money will follow! Makingg a career out of being visually inpired all the time! OMG…that’s my dream.

    I’m less picky… I like half.com.
    Used doesn’t bother me a bit and I save a ton of money!

  6. I thought I had a collection!!! I want access to yours although I do have the same book you have that has a lot of your modello inspriations in it. I knew exactly where you got the inspirations as soon as I saw the modellos!

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