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Regina Garay


The Curious Connector and Sensitive Resourcer!

Regina Garay started her own decorative painting business, Garay Artisans, in 1998 and in 2007, started writing the Fauxology blog to share her obsession with all things design, pattern, painting and finishing. Her blog writing efforts led to being immersed in the world of social media and armed with this knowledge, started helping the creative companies she worked with to maximize their blogging, blog outreach and digital marketing efforts in 2011. These days she finds joy sharing her passion for both creative marketing and creative design with her company, SociaComm.


In another life Regina would have been a…

a) An anonymous art researcher/art restorer at the Louvre or El Prado, toiling away underground with old volumes and artworks.  b) Working full-time with UNICEF to help support the rights of children. I like the idea of being a helpful nomad — not having a place to call home or ties to a specific location, just moving and fluid and helping children get helped/settled before traveling again to another world location that needs help. I used to give presentations at the United Nations on the rights of children and it was something that I still feel strongly about and continue working on.  c) Or, I would have been a fiction novelist. I have too many characters and story ideas floating around in my head and in bits and pieces in my computer – about 100+ as I’ve been writing them down since I was a teen.


The ONE designer that Regina would want her home to be designed by… 

Antoni Gaudi. I love anything and everything he does. I’m a little in love with him, I think.


A little about Regina’s life as an artist…

Childhood: I won several art competitions as a child. My mother had all my artwork and drawings framed, but she lost them all during Hurricane Andrew (Miami, 1992).

Teens: In high school, I signed up for AP Art History for my senior year and it was the one shining beacon I had to look forward to in a tough academic schedule. The first day of my senior year, I showed up and found out they had cancelled the class because I was the only one who signed up. Devastated doesn’t even begin to explain. They put me in a photography class instead – I think it’s why I appreciate photography, but never want to get close to it. It reminds me of that loss.

20s: While living in NYC, I roomed with a scenic artist for films. She introduced me to that world and I fell in love with decorative painting. It was fascinating to learn about production design and how each room – even the design of each cup – was tailored for a specific personality and character. Every choice says so much. I was working in the music industry in NYC at the time (marketing) and decided to change to an art career.

30s: Lived and breathed decorative painting with my company, Garay Artisans. We won a few national awards, were a part of some phenomenal projects. Started a blog called Fauxology to marry my love of writing with decorative painting + design.

40s: Decided I couldn’t still be climbing scaffolds at 50, 60 and 70 so I started working on writing and marketing around my love of art, decorative painting, design and creative marketing itself.


 Regina’s dream home and home decor styles…

Design Collage - Fun + Bright to Moody + Fantastical-620


The things Regina is hoping to contribute to the lives of Paint + Pattern readers… 

Sharing info and inspiration that could enhance their lives. Introducing them to locations that fill them with wonder. Exposing them to upcoming design directions and colors that keep them on trend and help them land that amazing project. Have them peek into the lives of unique and creative personalities with innovative work and help them find a connection with like-minded souls. Help tear down the barriers of what they think paint + pattern is and help expand their mind on all it could be.


Regina’s Joys… 

Professionally: I love to write, I love to read, I love to travel, I love to help, I love to peek behind the curtain and see what makes creative people tick; I love to share the lives and accomplishments of others. Personally: My siblings & I share a deep, trusting, best-friends connection and I adore my husband and enjoy a relationship where the words “joy” and “love” are an understatement.  Individually: I could never, ever spend a day at the beach doing nothing and enjoy it.  I’d be miserable. Discovering, Learning, Writing, Working. Those bring me joy.


Favorite quote!

Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.



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