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DIY Gift Giving Idea: Stencil a Special Frame

Debbie Hayes shares a thoughtful stenciled holiday DIY gift idea using sheets of acrylic and and special touches. This DIY stencil idea is great for a group to work on together, and it’s kid-friendly too. Keep this painted project idea in mind throughout the year for birthdays, and baby and wedding showers too!

cute diy stenciled frame project tutorial

My original idea for this frame project was to use barn wood as the back layer, with glass in front

of the photo, which is so popular right now on social media. But, as I was rummaging around this morning, seeking some wood, I discovered two pieces of acrylic, and my idea morphed into this see-through frame that would look great in layered multiples. You can easily change the photo, too.

(Using acrylic is great, because you can drill holes in it for the hardware. Check frame shops, craft shops and sources for plastic products to find it.)


I needed inspiration for a photo to feature in the frame. Sadly, our adorable kitty we called Sunny Delight went to heaven last week, so I decided she would the perfect subject for our family. Then, we can add this project to our growing menagerie of cute kitty photography, and even make more for our other calico loves.  Not to mention, both of our daughters have birthdays right now, and they have the most photogenic pets ever, so now I am on a roll with this easy gift idea that can be as different as the photo, the stencil pattern, and the giftee.


  • 4 plastic mirror stars, 4 flat screws, 4 washers, 4 nuts
  • 2 pieces of acrylic, cut to 12” square, about ¼” thick, or less
  • Royal Design Studio 1” Stencil Brush
  • Absorbent paper towels, utility knife, ruler, cutting surface, drill & bit, scotch tape, painters tape
  • 1 sheet of watercolor paper, or white craft paper
  • 1 sheet of black craft paper
  • 1 photograph

cutting and stenciling frame

Since my pre-cut acrylic pieces were square, I cropped my photo in a square as well. Then, when cutting it out, I decided to leave about ¼” of white at the edges to help the picture pop off the pattern. In addition, I added a sheet of black card stock, cut to about 1/16” larger than the picture, to add one more tiny layer of depth.

stenciling moroccan patterns diy frame

Dip the tips of the stencil brush into the Bronze Age Royal Stencil Creme, offload any excess paint onto paper towels, and use a swirling motion to apply the color. Repeat as needed to fill a square, larger than the photo.

Let dry. Measure and cut out. Consider stenciling the back also, so the project looks finished from both sides. Optional: Add a note to mark the occasion.

Assemble the layers, using a bit of clear tape between the stencil/black paper/photo layers to hold everything in place.

diy stencil project picture frame

Clean the acrylic on all sides. Sandwich the two pieces of acrylic together with tape. Add tape in each corner and make a dot where you want to drill holes for the screws.

Attach a bit to the drill that coordinates with the size of the screws. Slowly drill through the two layers of acrylic. Remove the tape and clean the surface.

craft stencils picture frame idea

Place the stenciled artwork sandwich between the two pieces of acrylic. Add the hardware. From the front, lay the stars on the surface, and add the screws through the stars and both layers of acrylic. On the back, use a washer between the acrylic and the nut.

Your stenciled masterpiece is ready to wrap!

Ho Ho Hoooooooo. More stenciled project inspiration to come during December on PaintAnd Pattern.com, so check back often.

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