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DIY Stenciled Plate Chargers Set a Pattern Trend

 DIY stenciled plate chargers

The layered pattern look is a hot design trend, both in fashion and interior design. Perhaps you are a bit timid about adorning your body or your bedroom with a riot of color and design. Well, how about starting with your tabletop?? Check out this DIY stenciled plate chargers post that regular contributor Deb Trombley originally post on her blog India pied-à-terre.

Wow, color psychology really can do a job on you. I don’t mean like, red gives you energy and blue relaxes you. What I am referring to is that right after I write that I’m not a fan of Pantone Radiant Orchid as the color of 2014, suddenly a Krylon purple shimmer spray paint can jumps off a store shelf and into my hands! How does this color marketing work?! Mysteriously. Subconsciously.

Well, after putting a super-deep-dark purple Japanese kimono obi on our dining room table as a runner, purple got stuck in my head. Not content with purple being across the entire middle of our table, purple suddenly creeped in under the plates! And now there’s a crazy mix of patterns going on there too. Perhaps I should eat my words about purple on these plates, huh?

Supplies for this EASY stencil project:

Just to play around and see if I liked it, I got $1 plate chargers at Michaels along with Krylon shimmer spray paint. This paint is more interesting than plain spray paint, less brash than metallic paint, and more subtle than glitter paint. It’s shimmery – exactly what it’s called!


Step 1: It took three light coats of spray paint to cover gold plastic chargers. I painted only the top sides.

purple-stenciled-plate-chargers Persian Lace border stencil

Step 2: Stencil just the rims of the chargers. I used the Persian Lace Border stencil from Royal Design Studio and randomly turned the stencil this way and that, stenciling through it enough to get pattern just on the rims with the Copper Kettle Stencil Creme. Each charger is unique, and SO pretty!

diy-stenciled-chargers Persian Lace bordes stencil

 If you use plastic chargers from the craft store, this is an inexpensive and easy way to spice up your table with some pattern and color! You can take a risk and try out a color you’re not sure about. Or maybe a color and pattern that contrasts wildly with your plates. That’s what I did here with purple, green and orange.

DIY stenciled plate chargers

So go ahead, take a risk with a new color and use it in a layered pattern effect for your tabletop. You don’t have to stop with the plate chargers, you can always stencil placemats, napkins, or even the tabletop itself!

Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils and Paint Supplies for DIY Projects


  1. Love the charger idea and project. I love chargers and small, fulfilling projects.

  2. Very cool! I like this idea as well!

  3. Thanks for this post. I was getting turned of my gold plastic chargers and was thinking I needed to add some pizzazz to them. This gave me the green light.

    Now I have to scour Michaels etc for the ugliest chargers I can find!

    Great idea…once again!


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