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Foil Finishes: More Foil Fun

Here’s more foil fun from my friend and fellow Morocco traveler, Debbie Hayes!


Debbie did these metallic foil finishes in the niches of an authentically decorated Southwestern home.


She adapted the idea from my “Loose Screws” metallic foil finish and used the pattern from our Nairobi Concrete Carpet. I love the impact of this pattern done in the foil finishes. You can see a great example of how using different mediums and colors with the same design can give you dramatically different results by comparing these photos with the Nairobi carpet photo in this blog post.


  1. This is absolutely stunning! You put a lot of work into this with fantastic results.

  2. That is absolutely fantastic!!!
    Def one of my favs! Great job Debbie.

  3. Awesome! The foil possibilities are endless! Love the color choices. Debbie you are the bomb!

  4. Stunning!

  5. Debbie this is awesome! You’re always taking it to the next level with your creative mind! Absolutely beautiful!

  6. Thanks everyone, and good to hear from you, too, Susan! I have to credit Melanie for her never-ending Modello designs and ideas, and Barb Skivington for seeing how cool they are and incorporating them into her classes. Most of all, my client Sondra is a dream to work with – always open to new ideas. Don’t we wish we had those every day!

  7. Wow Debbie! That is great! Beautiful, David loves it. ~gwen

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