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Herringbone Shuffle Stencil! A Classic Pattern with a Modern Twist

Herringbone wall stencil pattern with a modern twist | Royal Design Studio Stencils

A Classic with a Twist!  The historic and yet oh-so-contemporary herringbone pattern was given a unique vibe for the Bonnie Christine Stencil Collection.  The Herringbone Shuffle Stencil combines the geometric rectangular shapes with a fun feel that you can stencil with multiple colors of your choice.  The pattern is ideal for feature walls or as craft and furniture accents — and many of you thought so, too, as it’s become one of the best-selling stencils evah at Royal Design Studio.  We’ve gathered up some of our favorite projects with the stencil pattern and they may just inspire you to do the Herringbone Shuffle!

Stenciled Feature Wall via Craft Interrupted | Herringbone Shuffle Stencil by Royal Design Studio

This super pretty hallway wall makeover was by Jaimee of Craft Interrupted. She used seven colors with her stencil — yes, it IS that versatile!  She accented it with an antique frame she found for free (score!) and a bench she re-upholstered. Our hearts were soaring when she said that our stencils have “sparked a fire for design in her heart because it’s so exciting to see the changes happening in our house with these stencil projects”! If you’re chomping at the bit to snag her look, don’t miss her stenciled herringbone hallway post.

Stenciled Dresser via Mad in Crafts | Herringbone Shuffle Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Jessica from Mad in Crafts decided to use her stencil on furniture!  She wanted to change the overall first impression her guests had of her home by updating her foyer. One of her key elements was stenciling a storage bench she bought for $10!  By using five of her fave colors, she created a light and bright space and added needed storage for her family. Win-win!

Stenciled Boys' Room Feature Wall | Herringbone Shuffle Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Abbey from The Cards We Drew zigged instead of zagged and decided to use her Herringbone Shuffle Stencil to create a painted headboard. How creative is that?? She stenciled it for her son’s room using four colors (one a metallic) and hung a fab custom monogram she bought for him over it. The colors, furniture choices and pattern created a classy, preppy room that will remain fresh as he grows. Be sure not to miss her stenciled headboard blog post!

Stenciled Workshop Pegboard via DIY on the Cheap |Herringbone Shuffle Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Creating a glam, girly DIY studio shop was a priority for Erin of DIY on the Cheap.  She took one look at the Herringbone Shuffle Stencil and knew that she could create a colorful, fun spot to hang all her brushes and tools.  To create her stenciled workshop pegboard, she used a stencil brush with the Bright Gold Stencil Creme (and three other happy colors).  Erin says, “I love Royal Design Studio stencils because they are really easy to work with. They’re not too flimsy and they’re just the right size. They’re big enough to cover a large surface, but not so big that they’re difficult to manage.” Thanks, Erin!

Stenciled Feature Wall via Tom Henman Decorative Painting | Herringbone Shuffle Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Both DIYers and pros have fallen in love with this stencil! Decorative Painter Tom Henman of Pennsylvania had a client who wanted to pull all the colors from the surrounding area into this transition space. Voila! Using the stencil was a perfect solution and Tom shares with us that his client loved it!

Stenciled Girl's Room | Herringbone Shuffle Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Decorative artist Tony Stafki of Walls of Art also used the Herringbone Shuffle Stencil to great success.  He and designer Stephanie Goldfarb of The Divine Living Space collaborated on a fun and happy color scheme for the stenciling of a girl’s room — it adds just the right amount of interest and pattern without being overwhelming. What a super cute space!

Stenciled Entryway Feature Wall | Herringbone Shuffle Stencil by Royal Design Studio

The lovely Myra from My Blessed Life created a calm and relaxing vibe with the colors she chose to use with the stencil. Good thing because it’s an oft-used part of her home: the family’s foyer and drop space area! Using a stencil brush and the ceiling filler stencil that comes with the pattern, she stenciled her chosen four colors before completing her stenciled wall with shelving and decor accents.

So, are you ready to do the Herringbone Shuffle?  We’re dancing to that groove!  Of course, if you’ve already used it (or another other stencil!), send in your results to projects@royaldesignstudio.com — we always love to feature creative customers with their exciting new stenciled spaces!

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