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SkimStone and Stencil Class: Ibiza Concrete Carpet

In every SkimStone class I teach a Modello/SkimStone Concrete Carpet design that we do together. We should all be so lucky to have this many sets of hands working on one project! Imagine how much design could get done. This class worked especially well together!

how to use SkimStone and concrete carpet stencils

This photo dramatically shows the effect of the final toning layer, troweled on VERY tight and thin, to create a beautiful unifying and aging effect in the Ibiza Carpet design.

floor stencils with SkimStone decorative concrete

The toning layer of the concrete carpet enhances the look of really old Encaustic tiles, which is something that I have been searching all over the web about and drooling over all the possible color and design combinations. We have so many patterns that work well for that look, I can’t wait to get into the new building and get to troweling!

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  1. Everything you post is so beautiful. There is some Italian touch in it. Wouldn’t have guessed you are based San Diego. Lucky you!

    Greetings form China

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