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Stencil Star: Inspiring Stencil Ideas from Southern Inspiration

Our Stencil Star series showcases our creative customer’s use of our Royal Design Studio mylar wall stencils and Modello™ custom vinyl stencils on walls, ceilings, floors and more.  Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspirations has been wielding a love of stenciling into her interior design and decorative painting projects in Louisville, KY, and we’re proud to feature some of her creative, inspiring stencil ideas and lovely stencil artistry for you.

Purple Wallpaper Effect using wall stencils from Royal Design Studio

Above: Inspired by one of the many fabric patterns in the home, Linda had a custom overall wall stencil pattern created by Royal Design Studio especially for her client’s entrance. The colors are dreamy, too!

Bio Pic HeadshotMEET STENCIL STAR LINDA GALE BOYLES.  Linda Gale Boyles has been in business for over 22 years. She started taking decorative painting classes around the world and her business has since encompassed murals, kitchen cabinetry, vintage furniture, wall finishes and interior design. Over the years, she has developed her own finishes and techniques with vintage furniture being a particular passion.“I think furniture is useful sculpture. There is nothing like transforming a furniture piece into something a client could only dream of,” she muses. “Everyone can own furniture but they can become practical works of art anyone can own.” Read on to see more of Linda’s artistry as she shares her experience for choosing the right pattern for your project and lets us know her top stenciling tip!


Use wall stencils from Royal Design Studio to add Oriental decor to your bedroom

Linda mixes patterns beautifully in this oriental-inspired guest bedroom. Our Turkish Emblem Stencil Impression Set looks almost custom-made for the painted and stenciled cornice treatment she created to crown the window.

Elegant bathroom wall finish using wall stencils from Royal Design Studio

Sizzling Stenciled Stripes! A powder bath is both whimsical and elegant with alternating stripes in a soothing color scheme that features the striking Ankara Impression C Stencil.


Depending on whether it is furniture or walls I think scale is important. Having said that, I really LOVE large-scale patterns. As long as you can get a full pattern repeat  on something (particularly furniture), I think you can get away with it.  The patterns I like the most are repeating allover damask stencil designs as you can use them in most design styles.

Randomly stencil the Fabric Damask Stencil for trendy wall decor - Royal Design Studio

A shimmery metallic finish on the walls above is enhanced by the Fabric Damask Stencil.

Custom Damask Stencil in Motif Pattern for Classic Home Decor - Royal Design Studio stencils

Royal Design Studio created a custom damask stencil for Linda to use in this entry as a motif pattern on the glazed walls of a warm, Old World styled home.


Furniture….I love furniture!  I am to the point in my career that I want to be in my studio more. I think I have an aptitude for furniture and am able to see it differently than most people by stepping outside the box and seeing a piece like no one else can.

DIY Elegant Decor with Damask Furniture Stencils from Royal Design Studio

Stenciled Dresser Drawer Liners using Classic Furniture Stencils

The Florentine Damask Stencil works perfectly to enhance a truly unique dresser on both the exterior and interior of the drawers. Bravo!


DROP SHADOWING!  The more dimension you create the better the quality of your result!

We absolutely agree with Linda – drop shadowing (also known as a shadow-shift technique) is one of the many great stenciling techniques that add depth and interest to any surface! Love that tip! 

If you have enjoyed Linda’s work and inspiring stencil ideas here, please be sure to click on over to her Southern Inspirations website to see more of her gorgeous decorative painting and design projects. Do you have some beautiful stencil projects of your own you’d love to showcase? Send them in to us – and you might be our next Stencil Star!

Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils and Paint Supplies for DIY Projects


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