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It’s Christmas Here at Modello!

I feel like I have been opening presents all day! You see, today was the deadline for submissions for customer photos for the soon-to-be published Modello by Design book. As artists ALWAYS work best under pressure, many waited till the last day to submit and I am thrilled to say that it looks like we will have almost 100 decorative artists and their work (and our Modello patterns) represented in this book. We have the basic layout designed to now we will be busy, busy, busy putting it all together in under two weeks. Special shoutout to Lauren here at Modello Designs who is doing a fabulous job managing all of this and will be laying it all out in the gorgeous way we’ve come to know and love.

More shoutouts from Modello by Design go to….


Robbie Calvo,


Barb Skivington of Faux Works


Raina Gentry of Walls of Pompeii


and Susan Allemand, Out of This World Finishes.



  1. This is unreal! I just bought some of Raina Gentry’s art last summer from a gallery in Flagstaff, AZ. Really cool work!! It is a small world. ~gwen ware

  2. That’s too cool Gwen! Raina was also part of our Art of Living project in PA. Thanks for YOUR lovely bedroom submission. It will be a great addition to the book!

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