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Canvas Lace Stencil How-to

How to stencil wall art with lace stencils

This stencil how-to shows you the easy steps to create an adorable piece of custom stenciled canvas art that would be a sweet treat for any new nursery or toddler’s room. We’ve combined a series of stencils from our the Royal Design Studio Lace Stencil Collection in a unique design piece. Featuring lacy bird motifs and large, detailed doily designs and a soft paint color scheme, this easy little stencil project can be easily done in and hour-and enjoyed for years!

Canvas Art with Lace Stencils
Supplies You Will Need for this Stencil Project:

Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint Custom Color Mixes
Create a custom blue color mix by combining Chalk Paint® in Old White and Louis Blue together at a 1:1 ratio. This will be your lighter blue color mix that you will use to base coat the canvas. For the darker blue stencil color, simply use Louis Blue.

Lace Doily Stencil Canvas Art

Step 1: Lay the lace doily stencils on some protective contractor’s paper and mist them lightly with Spray Adhesive. Follow our pattern arrangement if you wish to place the stencils randomly on the canvas so that a large portion of eash stencil is hanging off the edge of the canvas.

How to stencil canvas art with lace doilies

Step 2: Randomly place your Sweet Tweets Lace Bird stencils to rest their adorable little feet on the stenciled lace doilies. Again, feel free to follow our design arrangement as shown on the completed canvas project. Use a 1″ Stencil Brush to stencil the birds with Chalk Paint® in Pure White. It may take a couple of layers of paint to get complete coverage for the birds. A good trick is to lay all of our bird stencils out and give each one one stenciled coat of paint. Then, go back to the first bird and start over. Chalk Paint® decorative paint dries super fast!

DIY canvas wall art with lace doily stencils

Optional: Finish off the outside edge of the wrapped canvas by hot-gluing white lace around the edge.


The final canvas project looks pretty as a picture hanging over a simple oak dresser that has been painted with Chalk Paint® in Pure White. To dress up the top of the dresser and continue the sweet lace them, we stenciled the small Fleur De Lace Stencil in the lighter Louis Blue Chalk Paint® mix, and finished it off with the darker color mix on the drawer handles. Accented with simple, pure white accessories, this makes a lovely, handcrafted space that is both sweet and soothing.

Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils and Paint Supplies for DIY Projects


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