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Recreate the ‘Liberty of London’ Look with Stencils

Liberty of London floral fabrics are like an English cottage garden captured on cloth: a little wild and busy, bursting with color and feeling so, so happy!

Liberty of London Floral Prints | Paint + PatternSources: Poppyseed Dreams, Small Susanna, Windrush

Liberty of London has been a famous maker of printed textiles since the late 1800s, and their “Liberty prints” as they’re called are still trendy today. They recently did a collaboration with Target and there’s a Nike x Liberty Collection with Liberty prints on the shoes with the swoosh. Brands with very different identities like J Crew, Birkenstock and Hello Kitty have put Liberty prints on their products.

Liberty of London Blue Fabric Prints | Paint + Pattern

Liberty of London’s older antique and vintage prints have lasting appeal because they are collectibles. Indeed, many of their newer prints are based on their older designs. If you visit their website, you’ll see they give detailed descriptions of what inspired their designs. As one example, the bright pattern shown above is called Poppyseed Dreams in the “B” colorway. The flowers are from poppies, peppers, cardamom and vanilla plants. The design has Indian roots: a Tree of Life print from the Liberty of London archives and an exhibition of The Royal Paintings of Jodhpur inspired this pattern.

Liberty of London Girly Floral Prints | Paint + PatternSources: Mauvey, Betsy, Capel

Liberty floral prints are often feminine with happy girly colors. I could see these fabrics in a girl’s bedroom. You might not have the means to cover an entire wall with Liberty fabrics, but you could make pillows and throws with the fabric.  Then paint a field of floral stencils on the walls! Just choose a color palette from a Liberty print you like, and choose an “allover stencil” with a dense floral pattern. Here are a  few inspiration pairings to get you started with ideas.

Recreate the Liberty of London Look with Chloe Floral Trellis Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio

The Opie Tana Lawn Liberty fabric blends flowers with an architectural ogee pattern. The Chloe Floral Trellis Wall Stencil will give a similar look to your walls.

Get the Liberty of London Look with Flourish Allover Stencil by Royal Design Studio

If you like a pattern that’s more free-flowing with flowers tumbling down the wall, like the Mabelle Liberty print, the Large Flourish Allover Stencil has a similar feeling.

Get the Liberty of London Look with Blossom Floral Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Perhaps you prefer a more modern style, something that would look good with the Mid Century Modern decor. There’s inspiration for that too, in the Umbel Liberty print. You can get the retro look with the Blossom Floral Wall Stencil.

There are so many design ideas available to us, that I often find an inspiration photo that helps to narrow down the possibilities and make a decision. If a design from a fabric, artwork or even a greeting card catches your eye, use it to give you some focus. Look for something similar in design and color.

Find more stencil patterns to recreate the Liberty of London look from our Allover Floral Stencil Collection.

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