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Moroccan Patterns at the Statthaus!


Royal Design Studio recently ran their Royal Stencils LOVE Photo Contest and received many incredible stenciled project submissions of walls, furniture, ceilings, staircases and more! Stencils are a gorgeous way to transform residences and both commercial and hospitality locations – and it was one of those latter entries that caught our eye. Kristin Reuther-Mercurio owns the Statt Hotel (Statthaus) in Cologne, Germany and she entered many projects where she used stencil patterns on different surfaces to design the hotel’s guest rooms and exterior! We had to learn more and so we chatted with Kristin about her hotel, the design inspiration and her fab DIY stenciling!

“I studied architecture and later bought the house as a ruin, renovated and furnished it – that was 11 years ago,” Kristin explains. “Since then I have been renting all eight apartments for long or short-term. My guests are here for a few days on holiday or for visiting friends and family but also for some weeks or months for work or other reasons. I like the idea of hearing so many different life stories and hosting so many different people I would else never have met.”


She further adds, “I also like that my guests can – in a different city or country – have their own space and feel at home, not like in a hotel. The building is in the very central, yet in a quiet street. From here one can explore the city on foot.” As her guests arrive at the Statt for the home-away-from-home experience, a colorful Intricate Zelij Moroccan Stencil design greets them and sets a happy, relaxed tone as soon as they enter hotel.




We asked Kristin how she came about choosing stencils from Royal Design Studio for her design plan. “I grew up with a Turkish stepfather and thus always felt very close to the Oriental lifestyle and decorations. When I went to Morocco I fell in love with their tiles, however, those tiles were so expensive and hard to mount. An artist friend of mine pointed out Royal Design Studio Moroccan Stencil Collection – and I fell in love immediately.” In a guest room’s bedroom and kitchen, you can spy both the Small and Large Eight Pointed Stars Moroccan Stencil from the Allover Moroccan Stencil Collection.


Kristin shared her design dilemma. “For years people tried to talk me into tiling the kitchen walls (more practical!) but as the apartments are not so big and the kitchens are open to the living areas I did not want to do it. That way the whole apartment would have felt like a kitchen.” She decided stenciling was the perfect design solution! By only stenciling certain areas of the kitchen, she was able to keep the design light, easy and not as structured as tile would have made it. The Intricate Zelij Moroccan Stencil used on the exterior pulls double duty and adds a fun, pretty touch of Moroccan pattern to one of the guest room kitchens, too.



Perks of using stenciling techniques include that stencils can be reused time and again and are also versatile enough to use on multiple surfaces. The Small Endless Moorish Circles Moroccan Stencil is used on three stenciled surfaces: a kitchen backsplash, the bath floor AND the fabric shower curtain! These additions of pattern make such an exciting alternative to just having a plain surface, right?


Kristin wanted her guests to feel relaxed during their stay — and also find something new when they returned. “I enjoy changing the apartments from time to time and adding new decorations. While I’m stenciling, I can focus and relax and take a break from office work,” she says. One fun bit of info — the local name of the hotel, Statthaus, is wordplay in German. If the “City or Town-House” is spelled with double t it means “instead of” so instead of being in a hotel you feel like you are in your own home. It’s wonderful to know that stenciling has become a pleasurable activity for Kristin and also one that allows her creativity to always find a new “home”, too. Many thanks to Kristin for sharing her beautiful stencil projects at the Statt Hotel! Be sure to book your reservations!

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