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Nature Inspired Stencils from Our Newest Designer: Bonnie Christine


Welcome to our latest Designer Stencil Collection-Bonnie Christine-for Royal Design Studio Stencils. I discovered Bonnie’s natural talents for pattern design through her beautiful blog, Going Home To Roost. I was immediately drawn in to her beautiful imagery, presentation, and design aesthetic. I was especially captivated by her original, whimsical, nature-inspired pattern designs. So many of her allover patterns jumped out to me as being PERFECT for allover stencil patterns and motifs that I HAD to send an email along the line of, “would you like to see your patterns as a stencil line”?

Now, months later, Bonnie is not only getting to see her designs translated into Royal Design Studio stencils, but also into a pretty new fabric line, Reminisce, for Art Gallery Fabrics. Guess I’m not the only one with an eye for up and coming design talent! Take a look and see how we’ve translated Bonnie’s designs into a fabulous new stencil collection for walls, floors, furniture, and fabric for your viewing and stenciling pleasure…..


Bountiful Blooms! There is no shortage of delightfully round Zinnia patterns and floral graphics these days in the design world. Our Bloomers Zinnia Flower Stencil Sets, however, offer this classic flower from Grandmother’s garden with a twist! Each size and shape of flower is comes with three pieces pieces: a silhouette, a petal detail and a shield. This gives you “bunches” of design options. Use the Petal stencil alone OR layer it over the silhouette shape done in a contrasting color for more depth and POP! Fore even more options, use the shield shape to layer one petal pattern over another. Offered in sets of two flowers in 3 sizes: Big Bloomers, Medium Bloomers, and Baby Bloomers. Our Stencil How-to: Layered Bloomers shows you easy it is to stencil a garden on your wall!


Daisy Craze! We’re absolutely crazy for these darling Daisy Dot Stencils, and decided that this was another one that just HAD to be offered in 3 sizes. Multiple layers give you maximum color and decorating options. A lovely outer scalloped silhouette shape is an option that extends the size of your Daisy stencil and provides the opportunity to introduce an added dollop of color. Stencil both flower layers for a DOUBLE Daisy, or keep your Daisies small and simply with just one row of petals. So many options-all freshly picked!! Small Daisy Dot Stencil, Medium Daisy Dot Stencil, Large Daisy Dot Stencil.


Delightfully different allover wall stencils with options! We already have some wonderful Herringbone Pattern Stencils in our collection, but the Herringbone Shuffle offers Bonnie Christine’s fresh take on this classic design. You still get the woven herringbone look, but with a more open, airy feel that also makes it easier to introduce multiple colors using stencil brushes for a truly custom look. Also shown here, the soaring Flock of Birds allover wall stencil-another pattern with design options! Here we show the pattern repeated twice and offset in two colors to create more depth and dimension. Quite a flight of fancy!


Who isn’t inspired by a sunny day and a walk in the woods? The forest floor is alive with flora and fauna-and so is the Forest Floor Damask Stencil. This truly original allover pattern features a multitude of flower and petal elements that can be stenciled repeatedly on a wall or floor to create a blanket of natural goodness. Alternatively, turn the square pattern repeat on its side and stencil it as checkerboard tiles. The space in between makes for a perfect fit for the Large Fly Away with Me Bird Stencil.


Whimsical vintage romance is the best way to describe the delightfully detailed Vintage Vases allover floral wall stencil. A series of shapely vases holds fabulously fun fantasy flowers to create an allover wall stencil pattern that will add a “granny chic” vibe to your lucky walls. Simple, trellis patterns are a great addition to almost any surface, and the Wonderment Trellis allover stencil is no exception. Offered in two sizes. The small-scale trellis is perfect for small wall spaces, furniture, and floorcloths. Use the large-scale trellis stencil for fabulous feature walls. Both these stencils look equally fab stenciled in a single color, or add additional interest by stenciling the details in contrasting colors.

We’re sure you will find MANY creative uses for this new Stencil Collection. Please share your projects with us by posting them to our Royal Design Studio Facebook Page or email them to projects(at)royaldesignstudio.com!

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