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An Interview with Bonnie Christine on New Stencils

Bonnie Christine Designer Stencil Collection by Royal Design Studio | Paint + Pattern

We are excited to introduce three new stencil patterns to Bonnie Christine’s Designer Stencil Collection!

A lifelong creative and self taught illustrator, Bonnie Christine designs are a natural extension of her love for her son Bear, woodland wonders and garden botanicals. The result? Designs that are fresh, feminine, romantic and earthy all at once!

We caught up with Bonnie to learn some secrets about her work, inspirations, design style and more. Let’s take a look at what the artist has to say!

1. Tell us about how you got into designing patterns.

Bonnie's Fabrics in Her Mom's Quilt Shop | Paint + Pattern

Bonnie: I have always been in love with the patterns around me. It all started with the fabric in my mom’s quilt shop and quickly grew to anything decorated with pretty patterns. Since I’ve always been creative, designing was a natural direction for me, though I didn’t realize it until I had graduated from business school (oops!). With no where else to turn, I learned surface pattern design on my own and after a few years of intense self-study produced my first pattern collection. Since then, I have been blessed enough to see my patterns on fabric, wallpaper, ribbon and more! If you’re interested in more of my story, I’ve written a whole book about it 🙂

2. What inspires / influences your most recent pattern collections.

Hello Bear pattern collection by Bonnie Christine

Bonnie: I have recently come out with two pattern collections – Hello, Bear and Cultivate (coming soon!). The first was inspired by my newly born son, Bear. It’s a collection about seeing the wild with a new set of eyes and all the lovely things the forest offers us. The second was inspired by my first-ever flower garden. As a long time vegetable garden, I finally took the plunge into flower gardening this summer. It brings me so much joy- I’m hooked!

3. What inspired you to design the patterns  for the new stencils?

Triangulations Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Paint + Pattern

Bonnie: The Triangulations pattern was inspired by adventures in the wild and playing with my son, Bear. Quirky hand drawn arrows give a playful look to a timeless geometric.

Navajo Dreams Damask Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Paint + Pattern

Bonnie: Navajo Dreams was created by playing with geometric patterns and the shapes the negative spaces left behind. I love how the triangles come together to create ribbons, steps and hour glasses.

Petal Play Floral Damask Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Paint + Pattern

Bonnie: Petal Play was inspired by the falling petals off of my favorite rose bush. When the wind gusts, the petals fly through the air and drift to the ground. I love the movement and playfulness the petals give the pattern.

4. Describe your design style.

Bonnie: When I design, my hope is to create collections that are sweet and delicate, mostly inspired by nature.

5. What do you enjoy most about your work?

Bonnie: I am so in love with the entire design process. I work in cycles and am deeply captivated by each part of it. From conception and sketching, to illustrating and repeating. I love it all!

6. What new things can the readers of Paint and Pattern expect to see in the next few months from your studio? 

Bonnie Christine Wallpaper by Wallternatives | Paint + Pattern

Bonnie: I am so excited about several new wallpaper and wall stencils that we will be releasing shortly! Some are never-before-seen patterns and others will match perfectly with my new collections – Hello, Bear and Cultivate (coming soon!).

Take a look at this cool YouTube video we created on this amazing patternista!

Want more BonnieShe shares her natural talent for pattern design along with cool DIYs, some great tips on gardening & simple living and much more through her beautiful blog Going Home to Roost.

We can’t wait to see what Bonnie has in store for us! And like us, if you too are smitten by her designs, be sure to check out all the new stencil patterns under Bonnie Christine Designer Stencil Collection.

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