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New Moroccan Stencils From Royal Design Studio

I’ve been scooped! The lovely Emily over at wideopenspaces ran a blog post about our new Moroccan stencils before I did! Not that I mind….I’m thrilled. See the post here and another great one featuring more Moroccan design here. I LOVE this photo she found showing large Moroccan arches on a wall.


You could totally do something grand and bold like that with a large Modello pattern and paint! Below is a sneak peek at some of our new Moroccan stencil patterns that we have on the Royal Design Studio stencil website.


These new Moroccan stencils come from the recent painting project that we did for Maryam’s Peacock Pavilions.


They are available NOW at special pricing of 10% off. We also have a FREE SHIPPING special going until April 15th on orders of $100 and above. Just enter FREESHIP in the promo code box on checkout.


  1. Just wondering when your site will be back up to check out your stencils. Thanks

  2. It’s up now! We had someone major issues and had to have most of the code redone. NOT fun. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  3. I love them all, but the middle one with flower might be my favorite

  4. trying to figure out what patter you used for the first photo..the large panel. (chocolate and ivory)

  5. trying to figure out what patter you used for the first photo..the large panel. (chocolate and ivory)…please advise

  6. That one wasn’t one of our. I was just commenting that you could do something similar with one of our Modello vinyl masking patterns, esp. if you had it “super-sized”. There are some similar patterns on this page http://bit.ly/lrIRh

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