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NEW Soft, Romantic Stencils from Bari J

Bari J Stencil Patterns | Paint + Pattern

Bari J. Ackerman is a fabric design artist well known in the industry for her whimsical designs, bold patterns and colors. Her vintage modern design aesthetic has a decidedly feminine feel that will take you back to a period of poise and elegance. The beautiful colors she uses in her creations, give life and meaning to her coined term “funky vintage”.

Color = Joy. That’s how I live. I thrive in a land where there are beautiful florals, luscious pattern and pops of beautiful color.” Said Bari J.

Inspired by her latest creations, we present to you, fabulous new stencil patterns in the Bari J Designer Stencil Collection that are soft, romantic and simply gorgeous!

Bari J All The Right Curves Damask Wall Stencil | Paint + Pattern

All the Right Curves Damask Wall Stencil: With a mere play of colors, this abstract art deco pattern will get you the look you desire! Give the curvy lines of this stylish pattern an elegant look by stenciling with shimmery tone-on-tone Royal Stencil Cremes or give make it playful by stenciling with contrasting Chalk Paint® colors. The versatility of this pattern makes it equally appealing for walls, floors and furniture.

Bari J Delightful Damask Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Delightful Damask Wall Sencil: As the name suggests, this nature inspired floral and vine pattern is sure to add a refreshing charm to any room. Its soft, elegant design is perfect not only for decorating walls, but will look equally delightful on floors and other DIY projects around the house. Looking to get a vintage appeal? Use light, uneven pressure while stenciling to get a faded look!

Bari J Petal & Plume Script Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Petal and Plumes Script Wall Words Stencil: This original typography will give any stencil project a beautiful French flair. Bari chose  words like ‘fleur’, ‘blossom’, ‘peacock’, ‘nest’, ‘plume’ and ‘petal’ in this pattern, to give this stencil a feminine feel, making it a great choice to stencil on boutique walls, girls’ rooms, craft rooms and everything that can be related to the elegant beauty of women. This stencil is also ideal for pairing with an Allover Damask Stencil to create a unique look. Our blog post: How to Blend 2 Stencils into 1 Design shows you how!

Inspired by her joy of color and feminine design style, we created this beautiful YouTube video, take a look!

Hungry for more of Bari’s designs? Be sure to visit her beautiful color splashed blog that will leave you feeling inspired and joyful! You can view the entire collection of Bari’s adorable stencil designs, including these fabulous new patterns under Bari J Designer Stencil Collection.

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