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Black Painted Walls: Add A Little Drama

So, the latest issue of Domino features no less than 3 differentย houses that boast rooms with black painted walls. I am a total fan of black for both dressing and decorating and can be found wearing it, oh, 90% of the time. I love it! It’s classic and timeless (as well as slimming). To do it on four walls, though, I think you really have to know how to pull it off with furniture and accessories that keep it from feeling depressing and Goth-like. One sure way to soften and “pretty” the look of a black painted wall is to add stenciled pattern. OF COURSE I’m biased, but just look at these lovely wall photos sent by Rachael Goddard of Paint/Design/Decor/Inc.

Stencils Royal Design Studio

The Moorish Trellis in a hallway.

Stencils Royal Design Studio

The Delicate Floral Damask. How cool is that lampshade??

Stencils Royal Design Studio

Yes, I know. This one isn’t black, but the Fortuny stencil sure looks pretty here ๐Ÿ˜‰ย Thanks for sharing Rachael!


  1. Totally digging the moorish one. Is the stencil in grey or just a gloss?

  2. I love the black walls..am incorporating more black into my own home. Curious about the stencil applicaiton also. Thanks!

  3. oooh I love the moorish one, too (surprise!)

  4. I’m so glad that you guys like the stencils! The moorish stencil (large pattern) I used with a Dunn Edwards black wall paint in matte finish called “Cover of Night” which is my stock standard black – it is a chalky black that is fabulous. The stencil paint I used was Modern Masters Metallic Black. The matte black wall paint with the metallic paint overlay gives great dimension!

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