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Paisley Patterns for Interiors

Interiors by Martyn Lawrence Bullard using paisley patternsDesign by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Paisley designs are a timeless classic. The distinctive curve shaped pattern is a historic boteh motif that will always be associated with India. The design is frequently described as a raindrop, a twisted droplet or a stylized teardrop shape, and in various languages of both India and Pakistan, the design’s name is related to the word for mango. Its origin is hotly disputed but there is no doubt that it’s a pattern that continues to inspire modern designs and seamlessly translates to contemporary interiors. It frequently adorns textiles and fabrics as well as wall coverings, tile and other decorative elements.

Interiors by Charmean Neithart using paisley patternsCharmean Neithart Interiors

Paisley patterns for interiors on mosaicsBisazza Mosaics

Paisley patterns for interiors by Royal Design Studio StencilIndian Paisley Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Interiors by Charlotte Moss Fabrics using paisley patternsDesign by Charlotte Moss

The name “Paisley” comes from the the town of Paisley in Renfrewshire, Scotland, where mill owners copied Indian shawls on mechanical Jacquard looms and the design soon spread to the west. As it extended, variations on the design occurred, such as printing the pattern instead of weaving. The design evolved as the Europeans preferred and developed elaborate allover paisley patterns rather than a single motif.

Carnaby interiors using paisley patternsWall Panels by Carnaby

Barneby Gates Paisley WallpaperBarneby Gates Wallcoverings

Paisley Spindle Chest by Benny Jackson DesignsPainted Paisley Spindle Chest by Benny Jackson Designs

Paisley wallpaper by Cole And SonPaisley Wallpaper by Cole & Son

Paisley seems to be eternally on trend in both interior design and among fashion disciplines. The pattern is as equally at home in whimsical settings as is in more elegant and laid-back environments. Used with tone-on-tone colors, it is refined and sophisticated while with multiple color variations, it’s playful and energetic. Have you used this versatile motif in your designs yet?

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