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It’s Playtime! Stencil a DIY Teepee

What better way to ignite your child’s sense of adventure than with a DIY teepee! This cozy den makes a great reading nook, and works well as a playful escape both indoors and outdoors. And it doesn’t stop there! This ultimate kid hideaway is the perfect opportunity to get creative with color and pattern. In this DIY tutorial, we share the simple steps on how to make a toddle teepee AND how to make it as creative as your child with fun Royal Design Studio stencils. Click play to watch the video!


How to Stencil Tutorial: DIY Fabric Teepee Tent for Kids Crafts

Step 1: Start by tracing 4 triangle shapes on your drop cloth using a chalk pencil. Each of these triangles should be 60 inches tall. Each triangle will be 40 inches at the base and 4 inches at the top.

Step 2: Cut the drop cloth along the 4 traced triangle shapes.

Step 3: Fold one of the cut triangle shapes in half and begin cutting from the middle of the base, making a straight 36 inch line towards the top. This will be the opening for the doorway.

Step 4: Secure the Shattered Allover Wall Stencil onto a triangle shape using painter’s tape.

How to Stencil Tutorial: DIY Fabric Teepee Tent for Kids Crafts

Step 5: Load your roller with Provence Chalk Paint® and off load the excess paint onto a paper towel.

Step 6: Stencil the triangle shape. Use the registration marks on the stencil to repeat the pattern across the entire fabric. Repeat Steps 4 through 6 with the other triangle shapes.

How to Stencil Tutorial: DIY Fabric Teepee Tent for Kids Crafts

Step 7: Use a sewing machine to create a hemline along the door opening, and the tops and bottoms of each triangle shape to avoid fraying.

Step 8: Join the sides of the triangle shapes together with the stenciled sides facing towards each other. With sewing pins, secure 3 looped pieces of elastic evenly space between each joint triangle side.

Step 9: Sew the joint triangle shapes along with sides. Each triangle side and elastic pieces should now be connected to another side.

Step 10: Insert the dowels through the loops in the elastic. Stand up the teepee and use jute twine to secure all 4 dowels together at the top.

How to Stencil Tutorial: DIY Fabric Teepee Tent for Kids Crafts

Now the only thing left for you (… actually your child) is to play in it! Yes, it’s that simple, and a whole lot less work than getting the sheets out, making a fort, and then cleaning up the sheets afterwards. You can also get even more creative and add even more pattern with Royal Design Studio stencils. You can mix and match the designs and colors that coordinate with your little one’s bedroom! And once you’ve made your own DIY teepee, share it with us on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #royaldesignstudio.

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