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Pretty Patina Pieces

Some gorgeous examples of aged and patina surfaces, both real and faux, from the October Veranda…

Modello photos

I’m noticing a LOT more photos in new books and current magazines lately that feature softly glazed walls. God gosh, it’s been 20 years since this became all “the rage” in the eighties. OF COURSE it’s time for a comeback. We’ll just call it “vintage”!



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  1. Ues – I have been taking notice of all the simple washes and finishes that seem to abound in the design magazines. And just simple stippled and softly badgered finishes.

    They’ve always been a beautiful design staple – but having them in the magazines now helps to sell them to clients (who might otherwise ask for an 80s gaudy glazed finish). So – thankgoodness for Veranda!! Linda Marie

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