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Romantic Homes Decks the Halls with Golden Stencils


As December is quickly approaching, Romantic Homes shares one of our fool-proof DIY stencil projects that will inspire you to deck the halls with golden glamour! When that holiday decorating craze sweeps our homes each year, it’s easy to get caught up with excessive shopping and spending. But why go through all that trouble when you can make fabulous decor yourself? Set a one-of-a -kind, sparkling table setting that will have your guests talking all year. Romantic Homes shares:


By following these simple “How-To” steps, you’ll have a flawless reproduction of our tablecloth – with time to spare before the holidays! The show-stopping piece you see here is created with our popular Fleur de Lace Stencil. But feel free to make it your own by choosing a stencil pattern that resonates with your personal style. Apply it to a plain white tablecloth with gold, metallic paint like Royal Design Studio’s Bright Gold Stencil Creme and watch as it brings out a warm glow, filling any dining room with soft, glimmering light.


Some shy away from gold as it can be a little flashy at times, but the holidays will always welcome this metallic neutral, representing elegance and celebration. A stunning piece like this could actually become a fixture in your home, regardless of the season. Refined, luxurious, and timeless

Hopefully this shimmering tablecloth has inspired you to start creating your own glamorous decor, whether it be for the holidays or any day. Which golden stencil project are you planning on at the moment? 

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