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Royal Design Studio Makes it to This Old House Top 100!


We never expected to see a wall stencil made to mimic woven ikat textile, what with its blurred-edge patterns, but this one trades crisp outlines for imperfect ones to produce an organic effect,” said This Old House as to why they chose our Khanjali Ikat Stencil from Royal Design Studio for their 100 Best New Home Products list!


I don’t think we couldn’t have received a bigger compliment. Not only is it such an achievement to be listed among such an amazing group of brands that are tried and true by DIYers from all over! But, we are so thrilled that the editors who tested each product were able to catch the essence of our textured stencil. All of our stencils are designed in-house and manufactured in-house. We worked hard to perfect this stencil so it had the feel of a true ikat pattern that has been through the resist dyeing process.

This Old House Editor, Scott Omelianuk said, “The 2013 TOH Top 100 is full of products that showcase ingenuity, demonstrate originality, wow us with their functionality, and of course, mark breakthroughs in their categories. However, the true test for any item on this list is simple: Is it useful and relevant to our readers? We agree that all these new products, in ways large and small, will improve the lives of our readers.”

What an honor!!

Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils and Paint Supplies for DIY Projects

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