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Sharing Secrets Of An International Interior Designer + A Sneak Peek Inside Her Home!

Sandra - Barron -international - designer
I’d like to introduce you to designer Sandra Barron of Sandra Barron Interiors in Greensboro, North Carolina. Sandra is somewhat quiet about her design talent, but that does not mean the quality and uniqueness of her work does not leap out loud and clear. Her secrets, as I call them, are evident in the simple, thoughtful and elegant manner in which she chooses every item and then pulls each piece together.

I met Sandra through a fellow faux finisher years ago, who begged me to help Sandra with a show house project. I was swamped I told the artist. No time for show homes. Been there, done that! “Just meet her” my friend exclaimed “and you will be dying to work with her.” The rest is history.

Sandra and I traveled with Melanie Royals to the South of France in 2005 on one of Melanie’s now famous artful adventures. While there Sandra was inspired by the architecture, textures, neutral tones and artwork that we all were so entranced with in the ancient church we worked in, and in the wineries we visited – well, not to mention the wine.

Upon our return Sandra and her husband Brent put plans in motion to build a home, and they hired me to do the finishes. What a huge project! Subtle and European for the most part, but LOOK OUT for the master bedroom ceiling! We worked on it together – five long days bent halfway over on scaffolding. 1500 individual patterns loosely based on a design from France. Yes, Royal Design Studio made custom patterns from Sandra’s dogeared inspiration photo. We are still friends!

Let’s get to the good stuff. I met with Sandra and shot mostly photos of the downstairs living areas. Prepare to drool!

Sandra - Barron - designer - study

While my Nikon clicked away and my favorite fluffy pooch Louie entertained us, I queried Sandra on a few topics so you can get to know her.


“Clean, neutral and airy with soaring ceilings with a mixture of industrial, lightly rustic and contemporary.” Your secret to get this effect? “I like warm, neutral colors. One of my all-time loves is Pashmina by Benjamin Moore. You want to curl up in it. When I want to liven things up I can throw in almost any color. I like to add in bright pink against the grey walls!”

Sandra - Barron - powder - bath


“My signature is that I create inviting spaces that are personalized for every client. I don’t like cookie-cutter designer style so that if a neighbor walks in a client’s home, they can immediately name the designer.”

Sandra - Barron - living - room


“Always pick a color you like. If you aren’t sure, just look in your closet and you will quickly see your favorite colors in the clothes you choose!”

Sandra - Barron - living - room - mantel


“I worked on a 10,000 square foot newly constructed home for a business connection in Ireland. It took almost a year and I had to completely fill the home from the USA. That was not complicated but working with the wife who does not travel to the states meant all budgeting and ideas and purchasing happened completely by email. The home is now complete, and I do have photos, but still waiting for a chance to see it in person!”

Sandra - Barron - designer - dining


“Years ago, after a showcase event when our home was featured I began hosting photo sessions for major furniture manufacturers. I help stage the furnishings – sometimes my living room becomes a bedroom!”

Sandra - Barron - designer - home - master


“Mixing styles. I like French antiques and modern pieces mixed together. If everything is the same it looks very stagnant.” Check out her justaposition of a traditional sleigh bed and lucite stools with Mongolian pillows in the master bedroom. So Sandra fabulous!

Sandra - Barron - designer - home - kitchen - spiral - staircase


“I love to be involved in a restoration or new construction project from the blueprint stage to completion. Finishing a space from the start is really satisfying to me. Commercial assignments are fun too.”


“Brent and I live out on the loggia nine months out of the year and we find it a great ‘room’ to entertain in.”

The loggia and yard are an Italian dream, but the weather is dreadful – so she sent me a couple of photos to share with you, but in the spring … a photo session!

Are you drooling? Have you been pinning and taking notes on Sandra’s secrets that are now revealed? Every time I visit I close my eyes and expect to wake up in a marvelous European estate!


Sandra Barron, Sandra Barron Interiors, SBarron05@gmail.com

Did I forget the social media links, website and blog? No, Sandra loves focusing on design and her clients and communicating in person. Another secret?




  1. Love it all but that Master ceiling has me swooning. SWOONING. Ms. Barron has wonderful style!

  2. Thanks Regina, Sandra is so inspiring to me, personally and professionally. And the ceiling, I always wonder how we really did it!

  3. Hi Lauren, now you don’t have to imagine what Sandra’s home looks like! Can you see some influences from our trip to France?

  4. Absolutely breathtaking photos of the Barron home. Such talent!

    • Isn’t it Karyn! You should see the front and back yard areas. Very European. The loggia Sandra mentioned is my vision of perfection – comfortable with white curtains, music, herbs, conversation zones…

  5. Beautiful and inspiring! I absolutely love the subtle and sophisticated wall color palette- the house seems to glow from within. And I love the juxtaposition of contemporary pieces and finishes mixed in with
    the Old World French, Scandinavian and European decor.

    • We totally agree Lauren! Sandra has a lovely interior decorating style and she is also one of the sweetest people I know. I enjoyed seeing her stylish surroundings also!

  6. Wonderful taste… and i was lucky to meet you you are a wonderful person too.
    Hope to see you again !
    Amelie 🙂
    French Woman
    Amie Miami

  7. I went to your estate sale this past weekend. What a warm, inviting home you created.

    • Hi Melanie, Sandra will probably not see your response, since it is my post, but I will relay the message! I attended as well, and I am thrilled to own a few pieces from Sandra’s home. Thank you for reading!

      Debbie Hayes

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