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Set a Delicious Table with Food & Wine Magazine

The January 2013 issue of Food & Wine Magazine featured frequent Royal Design Studio collaborator Maryam Montague, writer of the My Marrakesh blog and author of Marrakesh by Design. She hosted a spectacular Moroccan dinner party at her lavish boutique hotelPeacock Pavilions, and she once again used our Moroccan-inspired stencil designs to help infuse the event and location with beautiful patterns and decor. We have worked with her and our Peacock Painters to transform the vast estate in the past few years and the results of our stencil adventures have not only appeared in her book, but also publications such as Lonny and Elle Decor. It has been a joy to discover Morocco’s delicious food, vibrant culture and awe-inspiring design inspiration with her! Here is what Food & Wine Magazine featured:


To style the event with famed chef Mourad Lahlou, Maryam used many of her own dishes and cutlery. She also stenciled the fabrics, including tablecloths, with her own cache of Royal Design Studio stencils.The photographs by Lisa Linder helped capture the flavor and style of the dinner party perfectly.


The Peacock Fancy Stencil makes quite an impression in black and white! The versatile stencil design allows for an allover wallpaper pattern or singular motifs to be stenciled. It is available in two sizes to allow for both furniture painting and stenciling on larger surfaces.


The Intricate Zelij Moroccan Stencil, also available in two sizes, makes a dreamy impression stenciled loosely with a hazy, lost-and-found technique. The large version of the pattern is stenciled on a yellow door at Peacock Pavilions!


The dinner event was held in an intimate, stylish space — a sumptuous dining tent on the hotel’s exterior grounds. It was a beautiful experience  for our group of Peacock Painters to stencil the large canvas tent, which was inspired by Moroccan Fez textile embroidery. The Moroccan Lace Stencil was designed with this project in mind, and has since become a part of our extensive Moroccan Stencils Collection. Maryam frequently holds frequent dinners and special events here, and it is always so lovely to see how she incorporates Moroccan design, stenciling and beautiful colors within each and every occasion.  We have two more upcoming stencil painting tours scheduled at Peacock Pavilions and we hope to continue to share the incredible projects we create with you!

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