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Set a Stenciled Table With Royal Design Studio


Once again, the lovely and talented Jennifer Carroll wows us with her latest issue of Celebrating Everyday Life and we couldn’t be more pleased to see our Cameo Stencils by Bari J. inspiring such an elegant luncheon!

You are cordially invited to a charming afternoon in the garden, tastefully styled with stenciled frosted cakes, gift bags and chalkboard placemats. We just adore the creative ways in which Jennifer incorporates these classy silhouette stencils into her Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice-inspired setting. The simple profiles on the stenciled table look gorgeous in white, echoing the vintage beauty of embellished ivory brooches.


Our Bari J. Cameo Stencils clearly bring the perfect amount of romance and femininity to the stenciled table; they’re available in sets of three as well as stencils. Here are our dainty girls: Charlotte Cameo Stencil, Cassandra Cameo Stencil, Clair Cameo Stencil. Don’t be late for tea time, and be sure to RSVP!

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  1. Hi Melanie, I’m not finding any info about painting in Venice, I just read article in Studios. I would love to know more!! Your work & designs are really wonderful! You are such a talent! your website is amazing, so much to see & explore. Thanks, Rhonda

    • Hi Rhonda!! The Venice painting trip is in September, but it is already full with a waiting list. The Morocco trip this May is also full 🙂 However, I am planning another trip to Marrakech this coming November if you are interested.

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