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Stenciling Patterns for Bathroom Fixtures

Just how DOES one make a silk purse from a sow’s ear? I haven’t quite figured that one out yet, but I have discovered some easy ways to transform standard-issue commercial-grade bathroom fixtures such as paper towel dispensers and toilet seat sanitary tissue cover holders into something quite lovely! I used Modello bathroom stencils to but a kick in its step.


I am sure I violated some ridiculous city code (there are many) by gussying up these ugly fixtures but I will throw caution to the wind and share them with you. Shhhhhhhhh.


Since we were using Modern Masters Metal Paints, we began by spraying Kilz, a bonding primer, on the metal surfaces. Be sure to do this outside and with good ventilation. We then applied a coat of their Acid Blocking Primer. After applying the Modello patterns we troweled on  a thick stone texture product, Fauxtex, to a create a raised, “embossed” pattern.


When that was completely dry we removed the Modellos, applied another coat of Acid Blocking Primer and two coats of Harvest Gold.


We spritzed and dabbed with some Green and Black Patina Solution to “age” and patinate the Metal Paint and then sealed. After applying some stain to antique and accentuate the raised designs we now have the MOST beautiful sanitary toilet tissue paper cover holders….


and paper towel dispensers in all of San Diego!

PS The designs used were EasAll112 and EasPan126.



  1. Your so funny Melanie!! Only you would think of this….I think you might have something here, very creative!


  2. A new business idea! I need some more projects. 🙂

  3. I just got done doing the same thing a while back for a commercial space… too funny! I will have to send you pictures of the ones I did once I am able to get back into the space. I agree there are too many codes and regulations on these things. It is so much easier to beg for forgiveness rather than ask for permission!!!

  4. It’s fab! I was just researching painting on metal links, too!

  5. YOU are the bomb, Melanie!!!

  6. Oh my…I have never wanted a paper towel dispenser more in my whole life!!!! That is unbelievably gorgeous!!

  7. Melanie, amazing, I just love sitting on my couch late at night reading your blogs and comments. I have been ‘stale’for quite a while— and now I am ‘alive’ again——–you inspire me.

    Blessings! Joanie

  8. Melanie, amazing!! When last at Barb’s, I noticed hers were covered with Palette Deco or something, now yours and I am doing a bathroom at the church I attend and this will definitely be a plus for those ugly old things along with the handicap rail that has to be in there!!!! Does your creative mind ever slow down????? Thanks again for sharing..

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