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Sparkle up Chalk Paint ® with Stencil Cremes ™

Our Metallic Royal Stencil Cremes-the IDEAL stencil paints-now come in 18 delicious colors. Can you guess what else comes in a wide range of delicious colors? If you guessed Chalk Paint™ from Annie Sloan-you win!

We’ve found that these shimmery little beauties coordinate beautifully with the Chalk Paint™ decorative paints from Annie Sloan, as well as regular latex paints, and so we’ve been playing around with some stencil patterns and Chalk Paint ™ color combinations to inspire you!

Sparkle up Chalk Paint™ with Royal Stencil Cremes™

For the most part, we were going for subtle tone-on-tone looks for these samples, which are simple, elegant, and super easy to do. You can also combine and blend colors, such as we did in samples 2 and 8 for a more custom look. 

Keep in mind that if you are stenciling with Royal Stencil Cremes™ on Chalk Paint™ for furniture, you will want to do your stenciling BEFORE you apply Annie Sloan Soft Wax to your furniture piece. We recommend that you stencil solidly for full coverage, and allow your stencil paint to dry for at least an hour before applying wax. The wax will give your finished piece a subtle sheen, and will darken the color slightly, but it will NOT take away the metallic shine of the Stencil Cremes™.

  1. Orange Ice Stencil Creme over Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint
  2. Smoked Oyster Stencil Creme tipped with Frosted Lilac and Metallic Teal over Martha Stewart Living 120 Rainwater
  3. Lime Shine Stencil Creme over Behr Ultra S490-7 Superior Blue
  4. Pearl Oyster Stencil Creme over Old White Chalk Paint
  5. Renaissance Red Stencil Creme over Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint
  6. Smoked Oyster Stencil Creme over French Linen Chalk Paint
  7. Royal Blue Stencil Creme over Greek Blue Chalk Paint
  8. Renaissance Red, Orange Ice,and Shimmer Pink Stencil Creme over Sherwin Williams 6138 Artifact
  9. Shimmer Pink Stencil Creme over Emperor’s Silk and Pure White Chalk Paint™ (5:1 ratio)

We hope you enjoy experimenting with our Royal Stencil Creme™ paints over Chalk Paint™ from Annie Sloan as much as we have! Truly, the color combinations are endless and you can get simply fabulously subtle tone on tone metallic pattern finishes.

For more inspiration, we suggest you check out these fun Pinterest Boards we’ve created:

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