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Stencil How-To: Burlap Table Runner

How to stencil a burlap table runner

Set the stage for a fabulous tabletop by stenciling your own custom burlap table runner with a fresh, modern stencil pattern from Royal Design Studio!. Of course the beauty of stenciling is that YOU get to select your own pattern and paint colors, allowing you to customize your table wear to fit your own decorating tastes, color scheme, and design style. Stenciling a table runner on burlap is so super easy and cost effective, you can easily stencil multiple table runners to fit every mood, season, or holiday celebration. Below, we show you how to get this great look for the fall season, but a quick trip through the Royal Design Studio Allover Patterns Stencils Collection  will reveal designs suitable for a multitude of stencil decorating projects-for any season or reason.

Stencil and Supplies for this Project:

How to stencil a table runner

Step One: Measure the burlap fabric to fit desired length and cut to size. Natural Burlap can be purchased by the yard or on the roll at most fabric stores. It’s such an inexpensive yet versatile stenciling and decorating material, it’s nice to always have some on hand!

Burlap Cutting

Pro Tip: To make sure you cut in a straight line, a good tip is to pull out some Burlap treads where you want to cut through. This will give you a straight edge to follow with the scissors.  If you wish to create a nice fringed edge all around, continue to pull threads off until you get the desired depth of fringe.

Stenciling Step 2 Taping

Step Two: Run Painter’s Tape in the desired width (1.5″ shown here) around all of the edges of your runner to create a “frame” in which you will apply your paint.

Chalk Paint French Linen

Step 3: You could, of course, start stenciling directly on the raw burlap, but we wanted to create a two-toned pattern in Chalk Paint® decorative paint using both French Linen Chalk Paint and Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint. Here we show using a foam roller to roll a coat of French Linen inside the taped area. Allow to dry.

Craft Stenciling Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint

Step 4: The Teardrop Trellis stencil is a symmetrical pattern, so a main design element should be centered on the painted area of the burlap runner. This will allow the pattern to end the same at each side and each end of the table runner. Find the center point and place one of the large triangles so that the center point mark falls into the middle of it. Use 1 ½ Stencil brush with Chalk Paint® in Barcelona Orange to stencil the pattern throughout. The registration marks contained in the stencil will allow you to easily repeat the pattern perfectly. Be sure to offload excess paint off the brush onto paper towels each time you reload the brush to avoid having paint seep under the stencil!

Stencil Teardrop Trellis

When you have finished stencils, simply remove the tape and you are ready to accessorize you new table top beauty with seasonal decor and coordinating candles. Stenciling on burlap is super fast and easy and there are SO many ways you can incorporate the two: stenciled tablecloths, pillows, place mats, curtains, and even wall hangings.

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  1. Love this idea, especially two layers of paint. I’m totally doing this – some light spring colors on burlap are needed right now!

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