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Stencil DIY: Etched Garden Quotes on Antique Mirrors

Stencil Etched Garden Quotes on Antique Mirrors | Custom Vinyl Stencils by Modello Designs

I have been absorbed in projects for our large party deck these days. I will soon be sharing tutorials on how I saved my old farm table and created pretty green and blue patina terra cotta pots for the deck. Today, I am excited to share this DIY where I etched permanent garden quotes onto heavy and unusual antiqued mirrors that are nestled amongst our huge shade plants next to the lounge.

I etched some glass on the old barn doors in my home office recently, and the process for mirrors is exactly the same. It’s easy and very quick, but in my opinion not suitable for kids or pets to be around.

This fun project requires using a custom one-time-use Modello masking pattern that sticks tightly to the mirror surface to keep the etching cream from running underneath, versus a stencil.

I went online and found some simple quotes that I loved, sent them to Royal Design Studio, and their talented designer chose the perfect type faces for me. The only other information I needed to provide was the dimensions of the mirrors.

To find out more about ordering Modello® stencils, visit ModelloCustomStencils.com.


  • Modello custom stencil in your choice of pattern, or a custom design, pick tool and burnishing tool that arrive with your Modello order
  • EtchAll Etching Cream
  • tool like a color shaper or Etchall squeegee
  • painters tape, paper towels, rags, , rubber gloves, water source, sponge, trash bags, stir sticks


My mirror project had to be done out on the deck since it is so large. I washed the mirrors and dried them. You may want to put down plastic or a drop cloth underneath your mirror to protect the surface. The EtchAll is permanent and will etch anything like tile or glass.

Gather all of your materials at once so that you won’t be running around when you need them at hand. I had a bucket of water ready too.


Stencil Etched Garden Quotes DIY | Custom Vinyl Stencils by Modello® Designs

Use the white plastic tool to burnish both sides of the Modello to prepare the paper for removal. Remove the heavy paper first by grabbing one edge at the top and slowly pulling the paper down. Be sure that the letters do not come off. You can burnish some more if you need to.

Position the Modello over the mirror and visually space it where you like it. Slowly place it down on the mirror starting at the top and use one hand to smooth it into place. The back is really sticky and most likely the design cannot be removed or repositioned once it touches the surface. Burnish.

Add tape all around the edges to keep the etching cream from touching the open areas of the mirror, because it will etch it too.


Stencil Etched Garden Quotes DIY | Custom Vinyl Stencils by Modello® Designs

You can use the heavy backing paper that you removed from the Modello as the perfect palette, because the material cannot leak through it. Put on rubber gloves and use a stir stick to pull out lots of the thick EtchAll and place it on the paper. This product is reusable, so don’t be stingy.

Use a color shaper or squeegee to pull a heavy amount of EtchAll over the open areas of the design. You are not painting with it, so just pull a lot over the pattern and keep going until it is all covered. Resist the urge to move the material around too much because it begins to etch immediately.

Let the material sit on the surface at least 15 minutes, following the directions. Use the color shaper to remove the EtchAll, putting it back on to the paper. You can put it back in the container later. Use wet rags or paper towels to wash off any remaining EtchAll. Wipe off the container and dispose of all of the trash right away. Wash off your gloves.


Stencil Etched Garden Quotes DIY | Custom Vinyl Stencils by Modello® Designs

First take off the tape, then remove the pattern. If it is still wet, it may look like there is no design there, but as it dries it will reappear. Use the pick tool to pull off all of the remaining bits of vinyl.

That’s it!

Stencil Etched Garden Quotes DIY | Custom Vinyl Stencils by Modello® Designs

Stencil Etched Garden Quotes DIY | Custom Vinyl Stencils by Modello® Designs

Now we have a glorious little reading nook, surrounded by huge elephant ears and flowers. I added my treasures found in Morocco: a pink striped blanket, pink napkins and silver tray. Plus my favorite Painted Gate Chardonnay, pistachio treats and a juicy novel.

Stencil Etched Garden Quotes DIY | Custom Vinyl Stencils by Modello® Designs

Now excuse me, but I have some relaxing to do.

I hope you’ll find something to etch. A mirror or even glass. It looks so professional, like you spent ages working on it!

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