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IKEA Rast Dresser Hack with Stenciled Style

Ikea Rast Dresser Hack with Stenciled Style | Khanjali Ikat Stencil by Royal Design Studio

I have to tell you Ikea is a favorite destination for our family – swedish meatballs, Småland for the kids to play and an afternoon of waltzing around the showroom! On our last trip to Ikea I came across the Rast chest. It is a three drawer unfinished pine number. This baby is just calling out for stencils, don’t you think?

Here’s how it looked before being painted:Rast Dresser BeforeAnd here’s what I did to turn this plain Jane pine into a bit of sun for summer drinks using Royal Design Studio Stencils!





Applying Primer

Start by priming your furniture. Usually there is no need to prime with Chalk Paint®, but since this had knots that might bleed through, I used Bin Primer with Shellac. Shellac has a stain blocker in it. Apply three coats of primer using a mini roller and sand in between each coat to get a nice smooth surface.

Once the primer dries, use a brush to apply two coats of Pure White Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, sanding in between each coat.

Chalk Paint on Ikat Stencil

Use a 1⁄2” stencil brush to apply the Provence Chalk Paint® and Antique Gold Stencil Creme. Be sure to offload excess paint from your brush on paper towels in between applications.

Tips: I tipped the dresser on its back to make stenciling easier, lined up the drawers outside the chest and taped the stencil over it to get a continuing pattern on all three drawers. Since the stencil sheet is large I recommend using a crate or stool to prevent it from hanging over the edge. It was also helpful to complete one color on the entire piece before moving onto the next color.

Soft Wax

Once the stencil is dry, seal the entire piece with two coats of clear wax and buff. Wait 24 hours in between layers of wax and another 24 hours before buffing.


Love how the knobs add so much sparkle and glamour to this little chest.

Useful Tips on Refinishing Furniture

  • Look for plain fronted furniture, Ikea has a bunch of options that are pretty affordable
  •  Be sure to prime your piece if it has knots, even Chalk Paint® needs priming for this 
type of wood.
  •  Remove the excess paint from your stencil brush to prevent bleed through.
  •  Support the stencil sheet if it is hanging over the edge.
  •  When waxing make sure not apply too much wax. Many people think the more wax 
the better, but in this case, less is more. A waxed surface should feel cool to the 
touch, but not waxy or wet.
  •  Knobs can make your furniture even more exciting. This piece came with plain wood 
ones that could be painted and I even bought some affordable brass handles while at Ikea as option. But once I held these glittery ones up I knew I had to go with these stunners! They added the wow factor!


Here is an affordable furniture piece that is anything but plain pine! This Ikat dresser has my own stylish twist and is ready to host a beautiful summer soirée!

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  1. Love it Danielle. What a change. We used that stencil on my last trip to Marrakech with Melanie Royals. Always a fav!

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