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Stencil a New Fireplace Surround


We have a great fall stencil project to share! How to stencil a faux-tile fireplace surround from those super classy and crafty ladies, Monica and Jess of East Coast Creative. Jess actually created this how-to stencil project for Infarrantly Creative, where the girls guest post, and you can find more juicy, painting details there, including a “before” photo showing a very bland and boring marble surround.


This stencil makeover seems to fit the style and colors of the room perfectly! Jess used our Beehive Furniture Stencil, which also just happens to make a great allover mosaic tile pattern. Chalk Paint® decorative paint from Annie Sloan in French Linen and Pure White make a gorgeous color combination that is accented by the white molding and dusty blue wall color, and Chalk Paint is super easy to stencil with because it covers great and dries quickly.

Jess shared that she hated to cut up the stencil to get it to fit against the raised molding-but it was important to the overall faux tile illusion. Since this stencil pattern has straight lines, an alternative would be to push the uncut stencil into the corner areas as far as you could stencil comfortably. Then use a pencil to trace in the remaining pattern, tape off the shapes with Blue Painter’s Tape and stencil it in with a small stencil brush. Either way, this makes a great stencil project to get a living or family room ready for the holidays!

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