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Stencil Star: David Hsueh’s High End Decorative Painting

Our weekly series on Stencil Stars™ showcases our customer’s use of our Royal Design Studio mylar wall stencils and Modello™ decorative painting stencils on walls, ceilings, floors, and more.  This week, we go international to feature David Hsueh  of Bella Vista Studio. David’s company is based in Shanghai, China and he and his team showcase classic design and wonderful artistry in their application of stenciled patterns in many of their decorative painting projects.

David Hsueh


In 1987, David created Buildtec International Taiwan to start a decorative materials business. The major products he worked with were monocouche renders, a French product for facade decoration from Saint Gobain Weber.  This business led him, in 2006, to lead a team for over a year that would see the completion of the faux finishing projects for both The Venetian Casino Resort and Ponte 16 Sofitel Resort in Macau.  He started his faux and decorative finishing business from there by setting up Bella Vista Studio in Shanghai in 2007, which now focuses on high-end residential projects. He combined his experience and faux finishing classes from IDAL to create his unique business model and training programs for the China market.  “I treat this business [like] a fashion business and use the restaurant model to extend it,” David explains.

Above David used the Scrollallover stencil from our Allover Modern Collection in elegant tones for a formal living room. The wood beams in the circular ceiling below were stenciled with the Nintoh Border stencil.

David imports and distributes his preferred decorative finishing lines in China, and predominantly used Faux Effects decorative finishing mediums, metallic paints from Modern Masters and stencils from our line, Royal Design Studio.

David used a highly reflective, metallic plaster called Lusterstone and the Florentine Damask stencil to create the beautiful walls above.

Elevators are a perfect surface for ornamentation!  By using our Arabesque Ceiling Stencil Set on the doors instead of a ceiling, David created an unexpected and wonderful impact. Stencils are so versatile — and just a little can go a long way, as seen below.  Using metallic gold through our Kyoto Allover from the Allover Japanese Stencil Collection helped complete the design of an entertainment center.

David explains, “To use a stencil is an easy and fast way to get perfect decorative effects”.  He determines his patterns by the design style, the size of the stencil and how attractive the pattern is.

Neutral and yet so stunning — that’s our Moroccan Geometry stencil from the Moroccan Stencil series above.  The striking blue and champagne focal wall below features our large-scale Grand Damask stencil as a dramatic feature in a hotel meeting room. The use of pattern and color here really helps to soften and define the space with style.

The bulk of David’s business comes from inspiration by a traditional standard. “My major business is hand-painted wallpaper effects. The use of stencils help us make perfect wallpaper effects in custom color and finishes, and also gives us successful results.”

A stunning focal with the Chez Sheik stencil from our Allover Moroccan Stencil Collection.

Beauty needs no translation as we can see from David’s artistry!  He is one of China’s most respected decorative artisans and it is a pleasure to see the Royal Design Studio patterns and designs brought to life in his capable hands.  As a VERY appreciative admirer of the amazing range of incredible historical Chinese ornament I feel very humbled by the use of our classically-inspired stencil designs in this pattern rich culture. I personally have never had the opportunity to visit China, but find it very interesting that while we look East for exotic and historic inspiration, they seem to crave our Western design interpretations. It really is becoming a global village-at least as far as design is concerned! I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing David Hsueh’s wonderful artistry and stencil work,and are inspired to create more of your own.  Please be sure to visit his website, Bella Vista Studio, or say hello to him on Facebook.

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  1. My favorite out of all that you posted is the Kyoto stencil and the Chez Sheik designs. They are stunning in their color and design presentation.Well done David!! Thanks for posting Mel!!

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