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Stencil Star: Katie Gaines of Love Paper Paint

Another fantastic Stencil Stars™ showcase! Our Stencil Star series showcases our customer’s use of our Royal Design Studio mylar wall stencils on walls, floors, furniture, and more.  We’re proud to feature the super creative and talented Katie Gaines of Love Paper Paint for you today! Katie wields her considerable artistic skills with stencil patterns in many of her decorative painting projects.

w-RDS Corsini Damask2 

The Corsini Damask Stencil looks graceful and elegant with an ethereal color scheme in a dining room.

MEET KATIE GAINES. Katie Gaines has explored a lifelong passion for art and design through paper and paint. She graduated from The University of California, San Diego with a B.A. in the Visual Arts, and has worked professionally as a graphic designer in the advertising, marketing, comic book and investment/finance industries, before starting her San Diego, CA, stationery design and decorative painting business Love Paper Paint.

Love Paper Paint is a one-woman shop specializing in both PAPER (Stationery Design) and PAINT (Decorative Painting). She’s been featured in San Diego Home & Garden, Better Homes & Gardens, Ceremony, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Serendipity and Exquisite Weddings as well. When not creating, she can be found with her husband, Aaron, and two boys, Mason & Isaac, visiting art museums and cultural events, as well as exploring San Diego’s many scenic hiking trails, beaches and top food spots.


Flourish Stencil with Strie

A linen decorative finish with the Flourish Allover Wall Stencil is a standout in a guest bath.


What draws me to stenciling is the design flexibility and creative control I have over each project. With the popularity of wallpaper, I can offer stenciling as a way to customize any pattern or wall treatment with a vast selection of color schemes and paint or plaster finishes and techniques to provide something truly unique for my clients. The possibilities for layering, combining different patterns, and color nuances are endless.  Stenciling can emulate or even surpass many wallpaper designs and are often more cost effective, durable and easier to install, fix and replace.

 w-RDS Peacock 1

Stencils are so versatile and Katie showcases this perfectly!  She used the Peacock Fancy Wall Stencil to line the top and bottom of the wall with the design and fills the open space with the Peacock Feathers Furniture & Wall Stencils to enhance the overall design.


After consulting with my clients or the interior designer on the project, I research available stencils on the Royal Design Studio website and show them examples of what I think will work with the room decor, fabric choices and paint colors.  Sometimes, I will Photoshop a mockup of the space with the stencil options using the desired color scheme, or do a rough watercolor sketch.  If the client is looking for something more custom, I’ll research graphic elements or classic motifs to create a one-of-a-kind stencil or I’ll pull from the patterns in the fabric or furniture used in the room decor.  I try to stay away from things being too “matchy-matchy”, so I prefer to find patterns that compliment the fabrics or design elements in the space, or maybe change the scale of the pattern for a more contemporary approach.


Katie uses the Flourish Allover Wall Stencil again in deep jewel and metallic tones for a dramatic bedroom wall treatment. Lovely!


I would love to work on a restoration project in a historic landmark such as Hearst Castle or as part of the set decoration team for a movie or television show.  It is a dream of mine to travel abroad to paint…I would love to be a part of one of Melanie’s painting projects in Morocco, Italy or Spain.  It would be amazing to stencil alongside other artists in Marrakech.

We agree with Katie – traveling to create is the ultimate dream project! If you like what you see above, please visit Love Paper Paint for more and visit both her Facebook page and Instagram account where she frequently shares her creative projects and daily life.  We hope you have enjoyed taking a peek into the world of the effervescent and talented Katie Gaines, our Stencil Star of the month!

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